Fans of a certain beverage will be sad to hear that Dunkin’ no longer sells it, and they shouldn’t hold their breath for its return.


In a recent announcement, DUNKIN’ confirmed the indefinite removal of a fan-favorite coffee blend.

Many customers are upset because the coffee chain discontinued the Dunkaccino earlier this week.


One customer of Dunkin’ tweeted the company this week, wondering where they could buy their favorite product.

The user questioned whether or not the thin mint coffee would be returning.

“It was my favorite!”

The Thin Mint Flavor Swirl was quickly confirmed to be discontinued by a response from Dunkin’.

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“We appreciate your DD passion!” wrote Dunkin’.

Certain items on the menu are only available during specific times of the year, usually around major holidays.

We’ll be sure to pass along your suggestion, but there are currently no plans to bring back Thin Mint Flavor Swirl.


The flavor, which combined refreshing mint with decadent chocolate, has been discontinued and reinstated several times in the past few years.

During that time, it gained a sizable following among those who frequent Dunkin’ Donuts.

Girl Scout Cookies served as the inspiration for this unique beverage.

There was also a Coconut Caramel flavor sold by Dunkin’ that has been discontinued.


However, the chain has eliminated a lot more fan favorites recently.

The Dunkaccino has been “retired” from production, the company announced earlier this week.

For 23 years, Dunkin’ sold a beverage that combined hot chocolate and coffee.

Even the more-recent frozen version is also gone.

Dunkin’ said in a statement, “As we focus on innovation and finding new ways to delight guests, we continually evolve our menu in an effort to deliver a fast, frictionless experience.

The Dunkaccino has been put on indefinite hiatus, but it could make a comeback in the future.

Some of the chain’s most popular donuts have been discontinued over the years.

We recently compiled a list of six discontinued beverages from Dunkin’.

But it’s not all bad news for coffee lovers.

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Those who have tried the new cold brew from Starbucks agree: it’s fantastic.

The brand’s popular Pink Drink will also soon be available in supermarkets.


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