Fans of “Big Brother 24” Criticize Turner for His Poor Gameplay


Not every Big Brother housemate can be a Dr. Phil or a Dan Gheesling. Will. But over the years, there have been some competitors who don’t exactly play the best tactical games. Matthew Turner is allegedly one of the worst players in the house, according to Big Brother 24 fans.

Warning: There are spoilers in this article from the Big Brother 24 live feeds.

Matthew Turner, who stars in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, sits in a tiki chair and wears a light gray shirt and black pants.

Turner’s HOH tenure on “Big Brother 24” didn’t go as planned.

Turner and the other Big Brother 24 housemates frequently discuss how Taylor Hale’s Head of Household tenure during week six was a disaster. However, the Leftovers were already beginning to disintegrate, and the conflicting viewpoints only made things worse. One of the messiest weeks of the summer was Turner’s recent HOH rule.

He first assured everyone in the house of their safety. When Taylor was HOH, she carried out the same action. But if you have to put forward two candidates for eviction, it’s never a good idea to declare your support for every player.

Turner had just returned from Dyre Fest, where he had joined forces with Kyle Capener, Alyssa Snider, and Terrance Higgins to form a new group known as the After Party. However, he was thinking about abandoning them and returning to the Leftovers. Turner wanted to nominate Alyssa and Terrance at first, but Kyle persuaded him to nominate Brittany Hoopes and Taylor instead. They would also backdoor Michael Bruner if they could.

Turner’s power was therefore governed by others, just like it was during his first Big Brother 24 HOH. When Michael and Brittany revealed Kyle’s racist Cookout 2.0 remarks, this became even more apparent. Turner felt compelled to nominate Kyle at that point because that is what the house wanted. Although it was the right thing to do, Turner’s game wasn’t exactly improved by getting rid of Kyle because he was his most important ally.

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Turner wants to work with Michael

In Big Brother 24, Michael is playing one of the best games thanks to his astronomical number of competition victories. He is therefore essentially every player’s target moving forward, which makes sense. Turner and Monte now want to collaborate with Michael, though.

In addition to suggesting a final two with Turner, Brittany also revealed that she, Taylor, and Alyssa might form an all-female alliance. After considering this information, Turner and Monte came to the conclusion that Michael continuing to play was less threatening than the women cooperating. So they suggested forming a partnership with the comp beast. Fans are aware that Michael wasn’t really on board despite his appearance.

There is no way Michael would want to include Turner and Monte in the Big Brother 24 final three. He should remain with the girls because it makes more sense.

Michael only consented to this new alliance in order to guarantee his safety for a week because he is unable to participate in the following HOH competition. Undoubtedly, Michael will go after Turner and Monte as soon as he has the chance, most likely after the double eviction.

Turner is playing a subpar strategic game in “Big Brother 24,” according to fans.

On the Big Brother 24 live feeds, Turner and Monte celebrated, and viewers immediately took to Reddit to talk about Turner’s poor gameplay.

Turner playing this game without Kyle giving him specific instructions on what to do is truly agonizing to watch, a Reddit user wrote.

Turner might be among the worst players there in terms of strategy, a fan remarked, and another added, “He really is lost without people telling him what to do, which is ironic because his entire reason for not liking Taylor was her very similar easily-influenced HOH reign. I guess nobody likes to look in a mirror, lol.

Are you kidding me? One supporter questioned, “Is Turner really all in on Michael?” Another person added, “Turner has always played this game. He always takes the side of the more powerful, stronger men. He never remains close to anyone. When they merged, he wanted to abandon [Dyre Fest] because he didn’t want to face [Big] Brochella, who are much stronger players, but Kyle persuaded him otherwise.

On September 3, Big Brother 24 will premiere a brand-new episode. 7, at 8 p.m. CBS at ET.

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