Fans of Kylie Jenner are reportedly frightened by the ‘creepy’ eyes she displays in a new video that shows her bursting out of a strapless dress.


To many, KYLIE Jenner is an eyesore.

A new video of the Kardashians star sexily rolling around on a bed was posted online.


But fans were locked on to her eyes


Twenty-five-year-old Kylie scuttled across a bed while wearing a custom-made silver lamé Haute Couture gown.

She was almost bursting out of the low-cut black dress, which had a matching black bow tied over her breasts.

The dress was designed by Maison Margiela.

She wore it to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

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As she gazed alluringly into the lens, however, her fans couldn’t take their gaze off her eyes.

A fan commented, “The creepy eye look is really getting old.”

Another added: “This is making me uncomfortable.”

“This doesn’t even look good anymore, trying so hard,” a supporter criticized.

Nonetheless, one listener remarked, “Why does she always keep this constipated face?”


Kylie was ridiculed last year after she said her eyes had suddenly changed color due to pregnancy.

posted a close-up of her eye on Instagram.

The yellowish undertones in their hazel brown coloration were subtle.

The photo was accompanied by the caption, “I feel like my eyes got lighter after this last pregnancy? Who else has experienced this?

There was no shortage of responses to her query from fans.

One Reddit user slammed: “OMG, it’s terrifying.”

Someone else asked, “Is this like Twilight, when they have yellow eyes from drinking deer blood?”

A third wrote: “Yellow, her eyes are yellow.”

Fourthly, “It looks like she has hints of yellow, but it’s not brown,” was the consensus.

While some of the Kardashian’s fans noticed the change, others were under the impression that she’s always had hazel or brown eyes.


Kylie preened her “real” eyes for a fancy party in June 2022, when she didn’t bother with false eyelashes, mascara, or any other cosmetics.

As she took a selfie, the ex-Kardashian appeared to be relaxing in a salon chair.

Long strands of Kylie’s dark hair were pinned back and divided down the middle.

She wore a neutral silk robe while sitting down.

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The star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians appeared to have dark brown eyes as she stared straight into the camera.

Fans called Kylie's stare creepy


The reality star previously claimed her eye color changed after her pregnancy


Kylie has shown off her real eyes without fake lashes or mascara



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