Fans of Little People think Audrey Roloff’s husband Jeremy is “in pain” due to her choice of a date.


When LITTLE PEOPLE’s Audrey went on a “long run” date with her husband Jeremy, the internet exploded.

In an effort to maximize her time with Jeremy, 31-year-old Audrey has been trying to schedule at least 52 dates in the span of a year.


The pair had completed another date night, one of the 52 Audrey planned to finish in 2023


Audrey has carried over the pair’s 2022 success into 2023.

On Instagram, Audrey told her followers about her evening out with Jeremy.

A “sabbath morning long run” was shared by the two.

The Instagram photo was accompanied by the caption, “Date 13/52 long run,” written by Audrey.

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Both Jeremy and her squinted as she held the camera next to them for a selfie.

However, as is customary, there was much to say about the photo and its subjects among fans.

In the eyes of many, Jeremy conveyed an expression of “pain” in the photo.

Could it be that Jerm and Audj are hanging out together? Someone in the crowd remarked, “You look like some little old man.

To which a second person replied, “I’d agree that he’s not aging well, but he just ran 10 miles and you normally don’t look your best after that. Appearing to be in some sort of discomfort.

Someone else made the joke, “Pretend like a 10-mile run is a date. With a sigh of exhaustion, “so much quality time, babe,” he said.

Is every time they’re together considered a date, as a fourth person speculated?

They need more nutrients in their life,” one sarcastic viewer commented. I can’t function on raw milk.


Meanwhile, Audrey has stirred up online discussion with a revealing outfit that shows off her ample bust.

The 31-year-old uploaded a snapshot of her date night outfit with husband Jeremy Roloff to her Instagram Story.

Audrey’s sexy getup included a pair of blue jeans and a low-cut black top with voluminous sleeves.

With the caption, “Date night outfit by Nuuly, my clothing rental box,” Audrey promoted her clothing subscription service.

When you sign up for Nuuly, you gain access to a virtual closet and a secondhand marketplace that you can access whenever you like.

This is not the first time the devoutly religious ex-TLC star has flaunted some Nuuly threads.

Recently, Audrey has worn a few outfits that are too revealing for the family.

Fans have taken this news poorly and have been harsh in their criticism of Audrey on the Internet.

Others simply didn’t like her choice of outfit.

The author’s husband would make her change if he saw her with her chest exposed to that extent, as one fan put it.

Another commented: “Not modest!”

“Working at the farm on the bottom and date night on the top,” a third person added.

A fourth commented: “That shirt is not it at all.”

An irate fifth supporter remarked, “If I were Nuuly, I’d make her take this down.”


While this was going on, Audrey posted a shocking throwback photo of herself that clearly had some sort of inappropriate clothing malfunction.

Fans of the TLC star have been worried about her appearance and, more importantly, her health, so this post comes at a good time.

Evidently Audrey was feeling wistful, because she posted a retro photo to her Instagram Story.

In the photo, the actress can be seen posing on the back of a motorcycle while holding onto her now-husband, Jeremy, in the middle of a peace sign.

With the caption, “Riding around Ojai, LA, and Santa Barbra on this thing,” she shared a photo of herself on the motorcycle.

While we were in LA, it served as our primary mode of transportation. I wore dresses almost exclusively.

The former Little People, Big World star was wearing a short white sundress that was flapping in the wind from the bike’s high top speed.

Many of her followers were taken aback by the fact that she posted a photo of her butt.

Audrey didn’t stop there either.

She uploaded a throwback video of her and Jeremy riding motorcycles with another couple.

And the caption read, “Oh my gosh… Wow, @brittany_poppins you’re also filming!

A 2015 post on her feed, to which the video was attached, provided the source.


Some of Audrey’s fans, meanwhile, are worried about how she looks.

Sometime recently, the TLC star posted a photo of herself in the kitchen at 3 a.m., baking bread.

Her long, curly hair was pulled back into a messy bun on top of her head, and she wore a warm white sweater.

She titled the picture, “My nightly dough making routine.”

It is unknown what time of day the reality star posted the photo or if anyone else in her home was awake.

Concerned fans rushed to voice their opinions on a trending LPBW Reddit thread, with one user commenting, “She looks unhealthy.”

“There is no way she eats bread every night, she’s tinyyyy,” another user commented.

The author of the second passage speculated that the speaker may have suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her first child. At the time, I was one of their Instagram followers. There was a strong emphasis on generosity among them.

After that, they vanished for a while. Finished appearing on the program. And she was extremely thin. Can’t say I’ve had much experience with them. But she certainly entertains. Initially, I was a big fan of them. People evolve, I suppose.


When Audrey would promote healthy beauty standards by baring her body, fans would go wild.

This woman flaunted her curves in a skimpy bikini while soaking in a hot tub back in February.

During a peaceful getaway with her husband Jeremy, she posted the video to her Instagram Story.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Audrey can be seen relaxing in a hot sauna while stunning snowy mountain scenery plays in the background.

The ex-reality star rocked a black top and red bottoms in her bikini.

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Jeremy can be seen strolling around the background of Audrey’s video while carrying a warm beverage while dressed in a white bathrobe and matching slippers.

After discussing her Christian lifestyle and staunch conservative views, this is not the first time Audrey has posted photos of herself in a bikini online.

Audrey and Jeremy met their goal of 52 dates in 2022, and are working on the same for this year


Fans, however, took Audrey and Jeremy to task over the photo, saying Jeremy looked as though he were 'in pain'


Others mocked the couple for counting a 'long run' as a date night



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