Fans of Love Island were horrified by the finale and called it the series’ “worst thing.”


Fans of Love Island, already cringing from the ‘worst’ episode of the entire series, found themselves cringing even more after it aired.

Viewers of the ITV2 dating show finale were unanimous in their criticism of the Islanders’ “annoying” catchphrase.


They were left annoyed at the repeated use of the catchphrase 'we're ready'


Disappointingly for viewers, the final four spent the entire show chanting “we’re ready,” with host Maya Jama joining in during her introduction.

She started off the championship game by saying “ready” in an drawn-out fashion, just like the Islanders do.

Minutes into the final, the girls received a text informing them that they would be going out on a pamper day prior to the final speeches, prompting them to exclaim the phrase once again.

The catchphrase “doing their head in” has been a source of frustration for many viewers of the show, who say they are relieved when it finally disappears.

As one frustrated supporter tweeted: “WE’RE READY IS DOING MY HEAD IN.”

“The worst part of the season was all this’she’s ready’ b.s.,” said another.

Thirdly, “I’m so sick of that ‘we’re ready’ thing, please stop.”

In the meantime, a fourth voice chimed in: “They’re torturing us with ‘we’re ready.'”

One more person spoke up to say, “I’m glad we’ll never again have to hear the vile phrase ‘we’re ready,'” which is a common refrain. Really, it’s just so annoying.


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