Fans of “Married at First Sight” predict Alexis and Justin’s divorce


On Married at First Sight, Alexis and Justin’s honeymoon is unquestionably over. The couple clicked while they were in Mexico, but things quickly soured once they got back to San Diego. The couple has been married for eight weeks, and fans believe that the situation won’t improve any time soon. A scene from the September 7 episode of the Lifetime series depicts the two arguing at a dinner for couples. Alexis is seen refusing to discuss her marriage with the group, much to Justin’s annoyance.

In “Married at First Sight,” Alexis and Justin’s relationship deviates from its original course.

Justin and Alexis sitting next to each other in 'Married at First Sight' Season 15

In the San Diego season premiere of “Married at First Sight,” Alexis claims Justin isn’t physically her type.

While many of the Married at First Sight Season 15 couples experienced roadblocks while on their honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Alexis and Justin didn’t really experience that. The couple’s coy behavior stood in stark contrast to the difficult conversations that Lindy and Miguel and Krysten and Mitch had in front of the audience. Even though they had only been married for a few days, Alexis and Justin were already comfortable enough in their own marriage to feel free to criticize the unions of their fellow cast members.

When the couple went back home to begin their real life as a married couple, things unfortunately went south. Their relationship was severely hampered by a botched dog introduction, with Alexis still reeling from Justin’s dog Mya attacking her dog, Newton. Alexis thought Justin wasn’t being completely open with her about his dog’s behavior as well as other problems in their relationship, despite his attempt to make amends by enrolling Mya in a dog training camp.

During a meeting with Pastor Cal Roberson, she remarked, “He thinks telling some of the information is the same as telling the truth.

Then, in the episode of the show airing on August 31, Alexis acknowledged that she would have already left if she and Justin weren’t wed. However, she claimed that because they were husband and wife, she was exerting more effort than usual.

In the ensuing Lifetime episode, Alexis and Justin argue.

There are indications that Alexis is having marital difficulties, despite her claims that she is trying to be patient with Justin. A video clip (viaTwitter(from Married at First Sight’s upcoming episode, the two argue at a group dinner with the other couples.

It appears that the couples are exchanging observations about their unions. However, Alexis refuses to share when it’s her turn. She says, “I don’t want to talk right now. She explains in a confessional that she decided it would be better to keep quiet than to be open about her feelings with the other actors.

However, Justin expresses his disappointment that his wife is reluctant to speak up. He says to her, “I just think it strange that you don’t have anything to say.” Alexis asserts that she does not comprehend what Justin is saying. He responds that it “bothered” him that she wasn’t speaking while others were.

“F*ck it,” Justin says. 

She responds, stating that she feels as though he is like Jekyll and Hyde, adding, “I feel like it’s just like you’re two different people and it scares me.” She cries, “It still hurts.” That is all I have to say to you.

According to supporters, Alexis has already abandoned her marriage.

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Alexis has acknowledged to Justin that she often ends a relationship when things get challenging. She insisted that Justin had a chance. Others, however, who watch Married at First Sight believe she has already given up on her marriage.

One Instagram user wrote, “Alexis has checked out and there ain’t no coming back.”

She is past it. While on [the] honeymoon, she was sucked into it, but when she got home, she realized she didn’t know him. then panicked and refused to work on it,” another person wrote.

Many people believed Alexis had decided she and Justin would no longer be together following the dog incident. Others, however, believed the marriage had no chance of success. They emphasized the fact that Alexis had previously turned down Justin when they had matched on Tinder prior to both of them being cast on Married at First Sight. They now believe that she is looking for justifications to end the relationship.

One commenter said, “You can tell she didn’t like him from the get-go now she just makes up anything to make him feel bad.”

Some fans believed Alexis was allowing her insecurities and other problems to interfere with what they believed to be a promising marriage.

On Twitter, a supporter wrote, “Alexis, stop letting your fear of commitment allow you to overthink.” All in for Justin. Who is perfect, though? He is not. You are also flawed. Stop putting up barriers.

Married at First Sight airs brand-new episodes every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Lifetime’s ET.

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