Fans of “The Bachelor” are “uncomfortable” after Zach Shallcross “bombs” a hometown date with Ariel Frenkel’s brother.


This season’s Bachelor ZACH Shallcross’s hometown date with Ariel Frenkel, a New Yorker, went disastrously wrong.

She forewarned Zach that her brother Bobby is overprotective and would be tough on the Bachelor before he met the family.


When the subject of meeting Ariel’s parents came up, Zach gave off nervous vibes and admitted he was “very nervous,” but Ariel was quick to warn him about Bobby.

To which Ariel responded, “I don’t think my parents are the ones to worry about. Maybe it’s my older sibling. The level of care and concern Bobby shows for me is overwhelming. And he even offered to beat up my exes!

She was absolutely correct. Zach was so nervous about meeting her family that he had to take off his shoes.


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