Fear spreads after a wolf is reported to be loose in the area, but rescue workers eventually determine that it is not the same species.


The locals were taken aback when the creature they had first assumed to be a wild animal turned out to be a dog.

In Los Angeles, authorities were alerted when a wolf was spotted in a residential area.


Animal rescue discovered that the creature was actually a furry dog


The matted gray and white fur and slender build of the dog made it easy to fool the locals.

Closer inspection, however, revealed that the animal posed no threat in the slightest.

The Inside Edition reporter clarified that the dog was not a wild animal and that she had been named Julia after a veterinarian.

The people who saved her saw that she had developed severely swollen paws and long, overgrown nails.

People think my pet is a dangerous beast but I think it's like a sea creature
I dropped off my dog to be groomed - I was horrified when he came back

Julia required medical attention for mange, bacterial infections, and malnutrition.

It was only after a bath that the dog showed any signs of recovery.

Her followers were given a sigh of relief after she waggled her tail.

“She found her forever home a few months later, and the difference was striking,” the reporter said.

A more recent video features Julia frolicking in her new backyard, flaunting her gorgeous coat and carefree grin.

To all appearances, the dog was delighted to have found such wonderful new owners.

Julia was found to be neither a wolf nor a wolf hybrid, according to the results of a DNA analysis.

Actually, she wasn’t a purebred German Shepherd but a hybrid with Siberian Huskies, and she was a “100% good girl.”

Listeners were moved to tears by the dramatic change.

Julia’s trusting abilities must have been severely tested. When I saw her tail wag for the first time in a long time, I started to cry. ‘She’s found a wonderful new home with a loving family,’ said one observer.

Julia certainly demonstrated that there may be more to things than meets the eye.

After she was provided tender care, Julia began to 'come back to life'


A DNA test confirmed that Julia was a German Shepherd Siberian Husky mix


The dog has finally found her forever home



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