Fighting Is the Inspiration for Criston Cole in “House of the Dragon”


Ser Criston Cole was one of the new characters introduced in House of the Dragon. Rhaeynra has developed a strong admiration for Ser Criston, a knight. He is one of the few men with actual combat experience, and in a joust, he defeats Daemon Targaryen. Fighting is what drives Fabien Frankel’s character in House of the Dragon, he claims.

Fabien Frankel as Ser Criston Cole in House of the Dragon. Criston wears a suit of armor and carries his helmet under his arm.

How did Criston Cole beat Daemon Targaryen?

Ser Criston Cole and Daemon Targaryen compete in a captivating tournament on the first episode of House of the Dragon. Unexpectedly, Criston prevails over Daemon in the contest. Even though there isn’t a clear explanation, Daemon’s ego played a significant role in his inability to defeat Criston. Daemon turns to celebrate believing that he has vanquished Criston, but Criston quickly overwhelms him.

Additionally, ScreenRant notes that George R.R. According to Martin’s books, Criston is a highly proficient fighter. He later assumes the roles of Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and sworn protector of Princess Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra makes the observation that Criston is the only knight with experience in actual combat in episode 2.

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In “House of the Dragon,” Criston Cole is inspired by combat.

The fighting styles of Criston and Daemon are also very dissimilar. In an interview with Collider, Criston actor Fabian Frankel called Daemon’s fighting style “lackluster.”

He continued, “For me, Criston is meticulous and hard-working fighting.” “He’s very good at it, but I don’t think it comes naturally to him; I think it comes naturally to Daemon. He enjoys the sport of it with Criston. He engages in it himself. He’s not the most attractive fighter in my opinion. I believe that he is simply very instinctive. He’s a murderer.

Criston’s ability to fight also became essential to his success and way of life. “I believe that fighting is what drives him. He enjoys fighting. He enjoys competing. He enjoys the sport of competition, according to Frankel.

He excels at it. And when you have something you’re good at and the possibilities the world has to offer you are very limited, you should put all of your eggs in that basket, which is what he does.

Criston Cole is Dornish in ‘House of the Dragon’

It’s important to note that Rhaenyra and Alicent discover that Criston Cole is Dornish in the House of the Dragon series premiere. The southernmost of Westeros’ Seven Kingdoms is Dorne, which Vox describes as “ethnically distinct and particularly foreign-looking to the other six.”

While portraying Criston, Frankel made sure to take Criston’s ethnicity into account. He explained to Collider, “I kept coming back to the fact that Criston Cole is the only character in this story who is Dornish and of Dornish descent.

“That was very important to me. In this journal, I had written a note or letter to myself to remind myself of the struggles Criston Cole had to overcome to reach this point and the significance for him of competing in this tournament at this particular time and coming from his background. I would frequently return to that.

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