Find out who the cheerleaders are at UCLA.


The cheerleaders at UCLA are an elite group of students who represent the school as a whole.

Cheerleaders, dancers, and the school mascot all make up what is called “the spirit squad” at UCLA.


Who are the UCLA cheerleaders?

Nike sponsors a cheerleading team at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Both male and female students are represented here.

During commercials, timeouts, and halftime at UCLA’s home and away games, they can be found there.

They are public representatives for the school and are expected to attend all of the games and community events.

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What skills are required of UCLA cheerleaders?

Those interested in being a UCLA cheerleader must prepare a routine to perform at the tryouts.

They need to be able to do flips and other tricks as well.

These athletic skills include:

Potential cheerleaders should make every effort to attend the auditions in person, but they may also submit videos of themselves performing.

Cheerleader candidates must maintain a 2.5 GPA and not be on academic probation.

The UCLA Bruins cheerleaders get a lot of benefits, including help with their future endeavors


Should I try out for the UCLA cheerleading squad?

The UCLA cheer squad enjoys a bundle of benefits.

Skills such as marketing, nutrition, media relations, resume building, public speaking, and many others will be invaluable to them in their chosen careers.

Aside from the uniforms, shoes, and bags, they also get Nike products.

As a final perk, UCLA cheerleaders are provided with free tickets to home games and transportation to away games.


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