Following a behind-the-scenes “argument” with George Stephanopoulos, GMA’s Michael Strahan provides an update on a new work project.

Just days after co-host George Stephanopoulos claimed they quarreled behind the scenes, GMA star Michael Strahan promoted a podcast appearance.

Prior to the start of the football season on September 1, Strahan, 50, appeared in an episode of All the Smoke.


Strahan and Stephanopoulos appeared to differ over how to pronounce the word 'Caribbean'


He urged his tens of millions of followers to listen by posting a YouTube link to the podcast.

Ahead of the start of the new season, the former New York Giants star reflected on his illustrious football career.

On the podcast, he also talked about the Giants’ victory in the 2007 Super Bowl.

It happened after George Stephanopoulos and Strahan appeared to disagree about how to pronounce the word “Caribbean.”

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During the Wednesday episode’s commercial break, Stephanopoulos wanted to resolve a disagreement he had with his co-stars.

“I want to get to the headlines, but first we have to involve our viewers in the debate we’ve been having here on GMA for the last five minutes,” he said to the audience.

George clarified that he, Michael, and Cecilia Vega had been discussing the proper way to say “Caribbean.”

While Stephanopoulos believed “it can be [said] both,” Strahan insisted on pronouncing it one way and insisted he is committed to that pronunciation.

By tweeting into the show, Stephanopoulos urged viewers to resolve the controversy.

We talked for five minutes; I’m sure you can handle it, too, he said.

However, as they discussed their views with the presenters, viewers were split.

I agree with the second pronunciation, one person wrote. @michaelstrahan, I apologize!

Another concurred, saying, “I think it can be pronounced both ways,” in agreement with George.


Michael is correct, a third viewer merely insisted.

Another supporter added: “Because I’m from the Caribbean, I’ll use @michaelstrahan’s pronunciation of ‘Caribbean.'”

Just a few days after George made his two-week return to the show, there was a fight between the anchors behind the scenes.

Before he appeared on the program again on Monday, fans had assumed he had left the program.

As they rejoiced over Stephanopoulos’ return, viewers said they had missed him.

During his break from the television, the anchor and his actress wife Ali Wentworth traveled to Greece.

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Their on-screen partner Robin Roberts is also on vacation because, according to her, she won’t be joining GMA again until September.

She has shared stunning natural landscapes and picture-perfect locations from her travels in Italy and Croatia.

Stephanopoulos returned to viewers' screens following a break


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