Following her divorce from husband Kody, Sister Wives star Meri Brown debuted a daring new ‘do on the red carpet.


As seen in a new Instagram video, Meri Brown, of SISTER WIVES, has dyed her hair a coppery red.

The latest episode of Meri’s Fridays With Friends video series on Instagram is where she debuted her new look.


Her new look was an edgier, coppery red that was a much different shade than what she usually goes for


As the saying goes, “Happy St. Irish friends!” Meri exclaimed in her video. Have a safe and enjoyable celebration while donning as much green as possible!

During the video, she and her best friend, Jenn Sullivan, had a chat.

During the phone conversation, the Sister Wives actress debuted a brand new look.

What do you think, guys? “My hair is a little on the red side,” she exclaimed.

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Her natural blonde hair was now a coppery red.

It was shorter and swept to one side than usual.

In the video, Meri assured her audience that it was not a confession but rather an opportunity to discuss “anything and everything and nothing of substance.”

A swarm of fans quickly swooped in to tell Meri what they thought of her new appearance.

One wrote: “Oh, I like that hair color.”

“Oh, this hair color looks GOOD on you,” said someone else.

Another wrote, “OMG! That style really suits you and your hair. This is the best color it’s ever been.

A fourth person said, “U look so happy, and ur hair looks great.”

One fan said simply, “Love your hair.”


Meanwhile, Meri posted a video meant to inspire her as she continues to work on herself after her marriage to Kody Brown ended.

After receiving praise from viewers of Sister Wives for her optimistic outlook on life, the actress posted the motivational clip to her Instagram Stories.

The 52-year-old Meri found the video on a success and business account that encourages its followers to think positively.

A man was seen in the video making his way up some stairs.

On numerous occasions, he tumbled down the stairwell and used the trampoline to help him get back up.

The man tried climbing to the peak many times before he succeeded.

The video was captioned, “The road to success is not straight.”

Meri hasn’t been shy about using social media to spread positive messages.

She shared a TikTok of herself having fun in the snow a little over a week ago.

In the clip, Meri encouraged her audience to “keep going” in the face of adversity.

The video’s caption read, “Success comes from experience. Failure is the gateway to success.

Another quote from the TLC star: “Failure is not a failure unless you stop. You can only learn from your mistakes and move forward.

“It’s part of the process!” 


Meri wrote a few days ago about how she was still optimistic.

First, I’m always reading something,” she said. Every day, I try to feed my mind with something new and instructive. Modified methods, practices, and routines.

Second, cultivating an attitude of gratitude… And finally, action. “When you release the negative feelings that have been trapped in your body, you’ll be able to enjoy life more fully.

Many viewers commented on the star’s apparent health and happiness in the clip.

“Meri, you look so fresh,” said one admirer. “It’s good for you to be an encourager.”

A second person chimed in, “You take such good care of your mind, and you’re so pretty.”


Some admirers attributed her positive attitude to her status as a single adult.

“Glad to see your attitude has changed, and for the better,” a supporter said. That you broke up with Kody “probably has a lot to do with”

A second woman echoed this sentiment, saying, “There are plenty of good positive and happy times to be had as a woman who is not in a relationship.”

From 1990-2014, Meri was one of Kody’s four wives.

Kody adopted Robyn’s three children after divorcing Meri and marrying his “favorite” sister wife.

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However, on January 10, 2023, Meri posted to Instagram, “In light of a recent unapproved press release, we feel compelled to share our own truth, in our own way, and in our own timing.” The couple remained spiritually married.

Both of us have put in over ten years of effort into trying to make our marriage work, but ultimately we’ve decided to call it quits.

Meri asked what viewers thought of her hair during the video


Fans weighed in and praised Meri's new look in the video's comments


They liked the new color and made sure to let Meri know as such



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