Former Flames Shining as Stellar Co-Parents: Brian Austin Green Applauds Megan Fox as They Nurture Their Amazing Trio with Seamless Communication!


Brian Austin Green Praises Megan Fox’s Co-Parenting Skills

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have long been open about their co-parenting journey as they raise sons Noah, 10, Bodhi, 9, and Journey, 7. And during a recent podcast appearance, Green shared new praise for Fox and her parenting abilities.

The Challenges of Parenting

Green emphasized that parenting is not something you can simply coast through. He described it as a constant process of decision-making and trial-and-error. “You’re on your feet thinking, all day long, trying to make the best decisions you can in moments you don’t know what decision will work the best,” Green said. It’s clear that both Green and Fox are dedicated to actively parenting and continuously adapting their approach for the benefit of their children.

Unique Approaches for Different Children

Green further reflected on his experience as a father to five children from three different relationships. He shared that each child is a unique individual and requires different parenting methods. Despite raising three children in the same household, Green noted that they have distinct personalities. This demonstrates the importance of recognizing and catering to the specific needs of each child.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green
Megan and Brian share three sons. (Paul Zinken/EPA/Shutterstock)

The Key to Successful Co-Parenting

Despite their past relationship and subsequent divorces, Green revealed that he and Fox prioritize open communication and cooperation when it comes to co-parenting. They strive to put their personal differences aside and focus on creating a healthy environment for their children. Green emphasized that it is essential for divorced parents to work together and make conscious efforts to shield their children from any negative consequences of the separation.

Minimizing the Impact of Divorce on Children

Green acknowledged that divorce inevitably affects children, but he believes that parents have control over how it impacts them. He stressed the importance of co-parenting harmoniously and fostering a loving and supportive environment for the children. According to Green, parents must prioritize their children’s well-being and make their post-divorce relationship as positive as possible.

A Collaborative Approach

Sharna Burgess, Green’s current partner and mother of his youngest child, echoed his sentiments about successful co-parenting. She expressed her belief that they co-parent effectively by prioritizing the children and putting their best interests first. Burgess also mentioned that they are sometimes able to participate in activities together, indicating a unified and collaborative approach to parenting.


Brian Austin Green’s praise for Megan Fox’s co-parenting skills highlights the importance of active participation and collaboration in raising children after a divorce. Their dedication to providing a healthy and supportive environment for their children sets an example for other parents facing similar challenges. By prioritizing open communication, adapting parenting methods to suit each child, and minimizing the negative impact of divorce, Green and Fox demonstrate the positive outcomes that can arise from effective co-parenting.


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