Former President Bill Clinton has been admitted to the hospital due to an infection.


Former President Bill Clinton is currently hospitalized and recovering from an infection that is not related to COVID. Clinton is recovering at UCI Medical Center in Orange, California, according to Deadline. Clinton was admitted on Tuesday, October 12th, according to Clinton’s spokesperson, Angel Urena. “He’s on the mend, in good spirits, and is incredibly grateful to the doctors, nurses, and staff who have provided him with excellent care,” Urena said. Clinton’s illness began as a urinary tract infection before spreading to his bloodstream, resulting in sepsis, according to CNN. Although sepsis can be fatal, Clinton is in good hands. Clinton was in California on business for the Clinton Foundation at the time of his hospitalization, according to the network. Dr. Alpesh Amin and Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s doctors, confirmed Clinton’s infection and admitted her to the hospital for close monitoring. Antibiotics and fluids were also given to him to help with his recovery.

“He is still being monitored at the hospital,” the doctors said, adding that Clinton is “responding well to antibiotics.” Clinton’s medical team in California claims to be in “constant communication” with his medical team in New York, which includes his cardiologist. They stated, “We hope to have him home soon.” Clinton, 75, underwent quadruple bypass surgery in 2004. He’s had two coronary stents implanted since then, both in 2010, after complaining of chest pains. Clinton has since switched to a vegan diet. Clinton told CNN that after researching people who went plant-based and had major health issues, he discovered they practically healed themselves. He said, “I live on beans, legumes, vegetables, and fruit.” “I drink a protein supplement every morning—no dairy—I drink almond milk mixed with fruit and a protein powder to get my protein for the day when I wake up…I did it because after I had this stent put in, I reаlized thаt even though it’s common to lose veins аfter bypаsses becаuse veins аre thinner аnd weаker thаn аrteries, the truth is thаt it clogged up, which meаns thаt the cholesterol wаs still cаusing а buildup in my veins…I did it becаuse 004 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


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