Four people were killed when a Colombian army helicopter went out of control and crashed into a city.


This evening, a military chopper suddenly lost control and crashed into a city, killing four people.

A video posted onlinedisplays the terrifying scene of a Colombian National Army helicopter going out of control and crashing with a cloud of smoke rising from the wreckage.


The helicopter violently spins as its falls before crashing behind the buildings


People in the town of Quibdó record the terrifying scene from their windows as they scream and shout in response to the rapidly falling helicopter.

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, posted on Twitter at 8 p.m. local time that an accident had occurred and that rescue workers were en route.

“Just a few minutes ago, an Army helicopter was making its way to Quibdó to carry out supply duties when it crashed.

I’ve already given the go-ahead for the police to head that way.

Shortly after, President Petro also relayed the news:“It is with great regret that I must inform you that there were no survivors in the plane crash in Quibdó.”

During “this painful moment,” he will be there for the families of the four fallen service members, he said.

“We will not leave them alone.”

The cause of the National Army helicopter crash is currently unknown.

According to the local media, it was a UH-1N helicopter on a supply mission near the town of Quibdó in west Colombia’s Chocó region.

Specifically, the UN-1N model “is recognized for carrying out high-impact security missions,” as stated by BluRadio.

Two pilots and two crew members were killed.

Lieutenant Julieth Garca, rumored to be the first military woman to complete the UN-1N helicopter pilot course, was killed in the crash.

With Hector Jerez, Johan Orozco, and Ruben Leguizamon, she was one of the four people who met their deaths in service.


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