Frank Fritz, the star of American Pickers, has a challenging new life under conservatorship after suffering a crippling stroke.


Frank Fritz, a star of American Pickers, has a challenging new life as a conservator after suffering a crippling stroke.

Frank, 58, was admitted to the hospital on July 14 due to a stroke and has since been discharged to a nursing home.

Frank Fritz is under a conservatorship after suffering a stroke


The conservator will be in charge of his property, including his Iowa farm home


An emergency appointment of guardian and conservator for the star was made by Frank’s “longtime friend” on August 18 and was authorized by an Iowa court.

The U.S. Sun is the only person allowed inside Frank’s new life while it is under conservatorship.

In court documents that the U.S. Sun, a close friend of Frank’s, has been designated as his guardian, and a bank will serve as conservator to look after his financial affairs.

Frank’s care in the residential facility and daily living costs, such as health insurance, maintenance, and taxes on his property, will be paid for by the conservator, who will also make sure he has the necessary transportation to his appointments and activities.

The conservator will also distribute money for clothing and hair care as well as make sure that federal and state income tax regulations are followed.

Frank will be able to write checks without the conservator’s help, but the bank will make sure that his checking account doesn’t have more than $2,000 in it.

American Pickers star Frank's friend files for conservatorship after stroke
American Pickers' Frank adds gate & 'no trespassing' sign outside his $155K home

The Illinois antique store Frank Fritz Finds is currently owned by the former History Channel celebrity.

In order to conduct any legal business that is permitted by Iowa law, the conservator will “maintain control of the Protected Party’s business interests, including any partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, or other legal entities owned or controlled by the Protected Party.”

The guardian, who has “been assisting him in decision-making since the stroke” and is Frank’s “longtime friend,” must submit an “initial care plan.”

Frank’s current address and living arrangements, health situation and healthcare requirements, a strategy for facilitating the star’s participation in social activities, facilitating contacts between his family members and other important people, and more will be covered.

A yearly report must be submitted by the guardian as well.

After the stroke, Frank spent a month in the hospital even though he was supposed to be discharged to a nursing home on August 19.

The following sentence from the documents, which reads in part: “Due to his stroke, Mr. Fritz’s ability to make decisions is so compromised that he is incapable of thinking about his own safety or of providing for basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, or medical care, all of which are necessary to prevent physical harm or illness.

“Mr. Because of his severe impairment, Fritz is unable to make, communicate, or act upon critical decisions involving his own financial affairs.

In the court documents, a medical expert’s exhibit was cited as proof that Frank “does not have decisional capacity.”

The court documents went on to state: “Decisions must be made for Mr. Fritz’s placement and care while he recovers from his injuries and receives medical attention.

To prevent immediate harm to him, a guardian and conservator must be appointed.


Frank purchased a farmhouse in Iowa on May 14, 2010, for $155,000.

pictures that the U.S. He added a gate and a “no trespassing” sign to the exterior of his farm house, the Sun revealed earlier this month.

A source informed The U.S. Sun: “The gate was always open, despite the fence being present. The trespassing warning sign is brand-new.

Additionally, Frank’s property has a shed, a barn, and a warehouse where he keeps his collection of motorcycles.


On July 14, a friend discovered Frank on the floor of his Iowa home, and he was taken to the hospital for a stroke.

The U.S. Just before 11am, Sun obtained the 911 call made by Frank’s friend from the star’s Iowa farmhouse.

“I just arrived at my friend’s house here, and he was sprawled out on his floor,” the friend said. He’s unable to talk to me. I’m not certain, but he may be having seizures.

Bill Fritz, Frank’s father, spoke exclusively to The U.S. months after being hospitalized, Sun informed him that his son was in “stable” condition.

An insider told the Quad-City Times that Frank was on the mend and that his health was getting better every day.

“He would like everyone to know he continues to get better every day and is very determined,” the friend said to the publication.

“He really is getting better every single day.”

Additionally, the friend hinted that Frank was not pleased that his hospitalization had been made public by his former co-star and friend, Mike Wolfe.

The source stated: “Frank is grateful for all the prayers and well wishes, even though he was not ready at the time for his condition to be published.

Soon after the reality star was admitted to the hospital, Mike, 58, posted a photo of him on Instagram with the caption, “I have been very private in the past year in regards to Frank’s life and the journey he’s been on.

“There have been a lot of opinions about my friendship with Frank and the show, but this is not the time to clear the air.

“Pray now for my friend,” I said. Frank is in the hospital after having a stroke. Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers. Frank, I sincerely hope you get through this without incident. I cherish you, buddy.

Frank had previously given The U.S. the fact that the longtime friends fell out.


Frank last appeared on American Pickers in an episode from March 2020, when he took a break to recover from back surgery that left him with two rods in his spine and 185 stitches.

Frank lost 65 pounds while he was off the show.

He also disclosed to the US. Sun reported that he spent 77 days in an alcohol rehab facility in Iowa.

Prior to entering rehab, Frank stated: “I’ve been sober for 11 months.

“I no longer enjoyed drinking. My mother was an alcoholic, and alcoholism was a factor in her death five years ago. My grandfather passed away because of his alcoholism. I didn’t agree with that at all.

They gave me a lot of information, and we were scheduled for 13 or 14 hours a day, Frank recalled of his time in treatment. There was no lounging around eating or watching television. All day long, you had appointments scheduled for an hour and then an hour and a half.

They devote a lot of one-on-one time to you. In that time, I read 12 self-help books. I didn’t play games. I found myself engrossed. I went there with the intention of learning as much as I could.

“I had a great time there and I also assisted others who needed assistance. One of the best things to ever occur to me.

After the stint, Frank continued, he attends meetings “twice a week.”


After his absence, Frank was open about wanting to come back to American Pickers, saying: “I’d still like to get back to my job, I miss my friends and my people, being on the road and meeting all those different characters.”

But Mike soon made it known that Frank had been let go from the show.

“I have known Frank for as long as I can remember; to me, he’s been like a brother,” he wrote on Instagram. Like all of life, the journey Frank, Dani, and I began in 2009 has had its highs and lows, blessings and challenges, but it has also been the most fulfilling.

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“The encouragement you’ve all shown us has served as a constant reminder of the show’s underlying message: Through these places, people, and things, we all share a common bond. We’re here to look after each other as well as the past.

Like all of you, I will miss Frank, and I wish him nothing but the best on his upcoming journey, Mike said in his closing statement.

The conservator will also handle his business and partnerships


Frank appeared on American Pickers until 2020


He had a falling out with co-star Mike Wolfe



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