From Fame to Destructive Descent: ‘That ‘70s Show’ Star’s Stepfather Reveals Tragic Transformation of Danny Masterson!


Danny Masterson’s Ex-Stepdad Opens Up: How Fame Led Him to the Dark Side of Hollywood

Danny Masterson’s ex-stepdad, Joe Reaiche, recently spoke out about the actor’s transformation, attributing it to his fame from the hit show That ’70s Show. In an interview with Us Weekly, Joe, 65, revealed how Danny’s success and newfound wealth led him down a dark path.

A Changed Man

Joe stated that Danny underwent a significant change after gaining fame from That ’70s Show in 1998. He believes that the combination of money and recognition played a role in his transformation.

The Dark Side of Hollywood

According to Joe, Danny fell victim to the dark side of Hollywood, which ultimately led him astray. He cited the prevalence of promiscuity, substance abuse, and other vices in the entertainment industry as contributing factors. While acknowledging that these behaviors are commonplace in Hollywood, Joe emphasized the importance of not getting caught up in them.

A Troubled Journey

Joe wanted to make it clear that he isn’t here to bash Danny, as he played a role in raising him. He recalled that Danny had a decent upbringing, describing him as a good kid who excelled in sports. However, Joe believes that after the divorce and separation, Danny made some misguided choices that led him down an unfortunate path.

The Influence of Hollywood

Danny’s biological father, Peter Masterson, and mother, Carol Masterson, divorced in the 1980s. Alongside Danny, the former couple shares another son, Christopher Masterson. Following the divorce, Carol married Joe, and they had two children together, Jordan and Alanna Masterson.

A Tragic Verdict

Despite maintaining his innocence, Danny was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison after being found guilty on charges of rape. The survivors of the assault bravely spoke in court, expressing their concern that Danny would harm others if not held accountable.

Concern for Danny’s Family

Joe expressed sympathy for Danny’s current family, which includes his wife, Bijou Phillips, and their daughter, Fianna Francis. He acknowledged that mistakes happen but emphasized the catastrophic consequences the situation has on Danny’s loved ones.

The Ongoing Tragedy

Joe concluded by calling Danny’s prison sentence a tragedy. However, he emphasized that the real tragedy lies in the experiences of the women who accused Danny of rape, noting that their nightmare continues.

In conclusion, Joe Reaiche sheds light on how Danny Masterson’s fame and wealth from That ’70s Show drove him down a dark path in Hollywood. While Joe doesn’t excuse Danny’s actions, he does express sympathy for his family and acknowledges the ongoing tragedy experienced by the survivors of the assault. It serves as a reminder of the complexities that fame can bring and the importance of remaining grounded in the face of success.


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