Furious Backlash: Sean Hannity Faces Massive Criticism for Sensationalizing McCarthy’s Explosive Claims on GOP’s Biden Family Subpoenas


New York City, New York: On Sunday, September 17, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy appeared on Fox News’ ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ and discussed the latest developments in the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden. McCarthy announced last Tuesday that House Republicans had unveiled what they considered to be “serious and credible allegations” related to the POTUS’ conduct, which would be the foundation for the impeachment inquiry.

During the interview, McCarthy stated that it appeared that nine members of the Biden family had received money and expressed the need to see bank statements. Fox News anchor Sean Hannity shared McCarthy’s remarks on social media, specifically on X (formerly Twitter). However, Hannity’s post received backlash, with many demanding him to be held accountable.

Hannity’s official website featured an article titled “NINE ANGRY BIDENS! McCarthy Says GOP Will Subpoena 9 Biden Family Members; Report,” placed under the ‘Biden Impeachment Watch’ category. The article stated that McCarthy announced Republicans would move forward with an impeachment inquiry into Biden based on evidence from the House Judiciary and Oversight committees. The inquiry alleges that Biden was involved in influence-peddling through his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings.

Social media users were critical of Hannity for sharing McCarthy’s comment, with many questioning his credibility and calling him out for spreading false information. Some users even suggested scrutinizing Hannity’s own bank statements.

In conclusion, Hannity faced backlash for sharing McCarthy’s remarks on the Biden family members receiving money, with social media users expressing their dissatisfaction with his actions. The incident sparked a debate about the credibility of Fox News and Hannity.


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