Gary Glitter’s phone was searched because he admitted to visiting restricted sites, and the locals celebrated his incarceration.


After GARY Glitter, a former pop star, was taken back to jail, the prison authorities began a forensic investigation of his phone to look for Dark Web content.

After The Sun on Sunday published footage of Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, using a mobile phone in a hostel in the South of England, he was immediately returned to prison yesterday.


Glitter hides under a blanket as he leaves the hostel with police


The disturbing footage depicts Glitter recommending search engines and making references to the Dark Web.

In it, he says to a friend, “Shall I get rid of this Duck Duck?”

Friend: “Yeah, I wouldn’t bother using that if I were you.”

If you’re unfamiliar with DuckDuckGo, it’s a search engine that boasts of being safe for your privacy.

So he calls up a friend and says, “Let’s see if we can track down this Onion. Taking it slow and steady.

Some believe that the name “Onion” alludes to the anonymous Dark Web, which is frequented by child molesters.

The video was forwarded to the Probation Service, and the ex-pop star has since been recalled to prison for violating the terms of his license.

The inmates of the hostel applauded as his car left at 6:05 p.m. “Good to see you go!” said one. Nobody here wants him back.

Law enforcement is currently combing through the device to determine if the ex-pop star viewed any material from the Dark Web.

A reliable source has revealed, “Glitter is suspected of attempting to access restricted material online.

Although those efforts were likely fruitless, just the fact that they were made is enough to trigger memory.

But now we can forensically examine his phone to find out what he was probably looking for.

Glitter was released from the Dorset minimum-security category-C HMP the Verne at the beginning of February.

Having been convicted of sexually abusing three young girls in school, he had already served eight years of a 16-year sentence.

This is extremely disturbing and shows that he’s trying to access material he shouldn’t be able to, said ex-Met Det Supt Michael Hames, who established Scotland Yard’s paedophile unit.

Yesterday, a source told the media outlet The Sun, “The story provoked reaction at the highest levels. Dominic Raab, who is the Secretary of Justice, was informed.

There were public safety concerns after seeing the photos and reading the comments attributed to Glitter, so it was inevitable that action would be taken.

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Probation Service officials have stated that “protecting the public is our priority” in light of the recent recall of Glitter.

That’s why we have such strict conditions on parole and we don’t hesitate to send people back to jail if they’re broken.

The pop star was first jailed in 1997 after being caught with child abuse images on his laptop



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