Gary Lineker is set to return to television today, but he has not yet decided whether or not to host the new BBC football show.


GARY Lineker is reportedly being pursued by a rival before he returns to television screens today, but he has not yet committed to a new BBC football show.

The 62-year-old host will be making his first appearance on BBC since being removed as Match Of The Day host following a racist tweet storm.


During the chaotic weekend that saw last-minute schedule changes and a new format for Match of the Day, Lineker came under fire from MPs.

Following a tweet in which he criticized Suella Braverman’s migrant boats plan, the BBC’s highest-paid presenter was suspended from his duties and faced backlash.

Today, however, he will be leading BBC’s coverage of the FA Cup, while Mark Chapman will be hosting the evening’s Match Of The Day highlights show.

Though he’s back, Lineker reportedly still hasn’t agreed to host the BBC’s Champions League highlights show when it premieres next year.

According to Mail Online, BT Sport wants Lineker to represent the rebranded TNT Sports next season.

Until 2021, the former Barcelona forward will host BT’s Champions League coverage.

The chaos began when Lineker voiced his opposition to Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s small boats plan, under which migrants would be detained and returned to their home countries or a safe third state within 28 days.

Anger was directed at Lineker after he made a comparison between the language used to introduce a new government policy on asylum seekers and Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

State employees must “avoid taking sides on political controversies” and “take care when addressing public policy matters,” two of the BBC’s strict impartiality rules, which he was accused of violating.

A revolt among his co-stars began last Friday when the broadcaster announced he had been suspended and would not host Saturday’s Match of the Day.

The football analysis show was in a bind, but Ian Wright, Alan Shearer, Jermaine Jenas, Alex Scott, Mark Chapman, and Micah Richards refused to fill in.

The Saturday night episode was edited down to 20 minutes and aired without the show’s signature theme song.

After the crisis unfolded and Lineker did not apologize for his tweet, he was met with a wave of anger.

Ms. Braverman reportedly found his remarks “offensive” after some time passed.

Further, she said, “To kind of throw out those kind of flippant analogies diminishes the unspeakable tragedy that millions of people went through…

Nothing that’s happening in the United Kingdom right now, in my opinion, even comes close to the Holocaust.

While later, Tory Deputy Chairman Lee Anderson raged, “MOTD is old ex-footballers ripping off the public by chatting nonsense instead of showing more football.”

BBC director-general Tim Davie made the decision to suspend Lineker, but was forced into an embarrassing about-face just 72 hours later when the network decided to reinstate him.

Mr Davie stated in a statement that the company has hired an outside firm to review its social media policies, with a focus on contractors.

He also expressed regret for the impartiality controversy and promised a review of the BBC’s social media policies.

A “difficult balancing act,” as Mr. Davie put it, is what the BBC’s dedication to free speech and objectivity entails.

He continued, “The potential confusion caused by the gray areas of the BBC’s social media guidance introduced in 2020 is recognized. As soon as we can, I’d like to see things settled so that we can resume airing our sports programming.

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Lineker tweeted that he was “delighted” to have found a way out of the controversy after a “surreal few days” following the release of the BBC’s official statement.

He continued, “I have presented sport on the BBC for almost three decades, and I am immensely proud to work with the best and fairest broadcaster in the world. The return to the MOTD chair this coming Saturday has me giddy with anticipation.


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