Gary Neville’s question to Howe following Newcastle’s win has Sky Sports commentators baffled, with one asking, “Are you a stalker or something?”


After GARY NEVILLE’s question to Eddie Howe, the other commentators were taken aback.

Howe, the manager of Newcastle, had just witnessed his team complete a comeback victory of 2-1 over Nottingham Forest, bringing them within a point of fourth-place Tottenham.


The question was directed towards Newcastle boss Eddie Howe


After the game, Howe was talking to Manchester United legend Gary Neville and his teammates on Sky Sports when Neville asked Howe a strange question.

What are your plans for the next two weeks?” he inquired.

Neville appeared to grin as he realized his question might be considered odd, prompting host Kelly Cates to laugh out loud and prompting a brilliant remark from Jamie Carragher.

Carragher said: “Are you a stalker or something?”

Howe has admitted that he will soon return to preparing for the next game and has revealed that the team will travel to Dubai during the upcoming international break.

Cates made a joke about it afterwards, saying, “We’re really sorry about him [Neville], and we’ll sort out his restraining order.

Before things get awkward, we’ll let you leave.

Both Neville and Carragher were in fits of laughter throughout the conversation, and their online audience shared their delight.


An individual commented, “You know it’s good when Gary starts going high-pitched and Carra starts giggling.”

A second commented: “Quality 😂.”

“Can I go?” “Stalker Neville is born” was written by a third person.


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