Germany’s World Cup hero had his birthday video message to a fan interrupted by his nude wife.


During a birthday video message to a fan, the German World Cup winner was hilariously interrupted by his naked WIFE.

The 62-year-old Andreas Brehme won the World Cup for Germany against Argentina in 1990.


The partner of the German World Cup winner burst into the room


Brehme didn't know where to look after angling the camera at her


The former defender, who earned 86 international appearances, is still revered today.

Because of this, many people want Brehme, who played for Inter Milan and Bayern Munich, to send them special birthday messages.

However, one backer got more than he expected.

Brehme, a hero of the World Cup, began his video as he usually does, looking directly into the camera and wishing the viewer the best.

The legendary figure, however, was suddenly startled by a sound from off to his right.

Brehme’s camera followed his gaze as he turned, capturing the moment his naked lover entered the room.

In an instant, Brehme had turned the camera around and pretended nothing had happened.

However, the clip made its way online and has since amassed millions of views.

But Brehme and his 56-year-old wife Susanna Schaeder found the humor in the situation.

When more and more of our friends started calling, that’s when we realized it,” Brehme told Bild. I don’t know why this is surfacing now.

Someone, presumably, put it up there. At the time, I had no idea that I had actually sent it.

“Everyone can see what a wonderful wife I have now!” It was a mistake, but I can now look back and laugh. Next time, I should have Susanne do the filming.

Susanne continued, “That was at Lake Garda last summer.” But, what gives? In order for you to witness my beachside attire change. The steam room, too.

“Andy, my social media guru, and I joke about it and have a good time.”


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