Girls, aged 12, “stabbed to death” a classmate, and their sickening actions have been exposed.


TWO high school students are suspected of stabbing a classmate to death and then filming themselves dancing for a TikTok video the following day.

Due to Germany’s strict privacy laws, the victim, Luise, will only be known as her first name. She was lured into the woods near the town of Freudenberg and stabbed more than 30 times.


Floral tributes close to where the youngster's body was found on Sunday


On Saturday afternoon, Luise, age 12, was reported missing after she did not return from visiting a suspect.

Luise’s parents allegedly received a call from the suspect who told them their daughter was on her way home at 5:30 p.m. and to let her know as soon as she got there.

She “worried” enough to repeatedly call the murdered student’s phone, even after she had abandoned Luise in the snowy woods.

The suspects, ages 12 and 13, are alleged to have filmed a sick dance clip for TikTok the next day.

After police found Luise’s body on Sunday, they confessed to murder but will not be charged with a crime.

Close to her home in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Luise was dumped next to a cycling path in the wooded area.

She had been stabbed more than 30 times with a small knife, according to the police, and she eventually passed away from her injuries.

The two girls “made statements about the matter and ultimately admitted the crime,” Florian Locker, head of the homicide department in Koblenz, said.

They both went to the same school as Luise, and the 13-year-old was supposedly in her class.

German newspaper Bild reports that the killers were motivated by “revenge” after Luise reported that she had been bullied by the two for months.

However, the Mail reports that there are theories suggesting Luise’s death was the result of a dispute over a boy.

Instead of being hauled into a cell, the two suspects have been placed in the custody of a youth welfare office, which is a shocking turn of events.

The two juveniles in question are under Germany’s minimum age of criminal responsibility of 14.

Two pals, aged 12 and 13, confessed to the brutal killing - but won't face prosecution


A huge police search was launched after the youngster was reported missing



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