Golden Opportunity: Phoenix Suns Emerge as Ultimate Destination for Warriors’ Star Free Agent


Why Signing JaMychal Green Would Benefit the Phoenix Suns

The Importance of Bench Strength for the Phoenix Suns

As the Phoenix Suns gear up for the upcoming NBA season, their front office has received praise for their offseason moves. With a star-studded trio of Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and Bradley Beal, the Suns are poised to contend for the championship. However, having strong contributing players off the bench will be crucial to their success. One player that could make a significant impact is former Golden State Warriors big man, JaMychal Green.

JaMychal Green’s Three-Point Shooting Ability

JaMychal Green has established himself as a reliable three-point shooter over the past five seasons. His shooting percentage from beyond the arc stands at an impressive 37.4%. If we exclude his off year with the Denver Nuggets, that number climbs to 39.3%. This level of shooting prowess is invaluable to a team like the Phoenix Suns, who rely on one-on-one scoring. Green’s ability to draw opposing big men away from the rim creates more space for the Suns’ star trio to operate.

The Perfect Fit for the Suns’ Offense

With his size and rebounding skills, JaMychal Green brings the attributes of a traditional big man. However, his shooting efficiency surpasses that of most guards in the league. This makes him an ideal reserve player for the Suns’ offense. Facing a barrage of defensive strategies throughout the season, Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and Bradley Beal will benefit greatly from Green’s presence. His floor-spacing ability will force defenses to expand, providing more open looks for the Suns’ stars.

Yuta Watanabe: A Pleasant Surprise for the Suns

Aside from JaMychal Green, Suns’ general manager James Jones has surrounded his star trio with above-average role players. One such player is Yuta Watanabe, formerly of the Brooklyn Nets. Despite not being a household name, Watanabe has proven himself as a consistent and dependable player. Buckley believes that Watanabe has the potential to become the fifth-best player on a title-chasing team. His breakout season in 2023, where he shot an impressive 44% from beyond the arc, positions him as one of the top marksmen in the NBA.

Watanabe’s Impact on the Suns’ Starting Lineup

Given the caliber of talent in front of him, Yuta Watanabe may not initially project as the Suns’ fifth-best player. However, his fearless and versatile defense, coupled with his exceptional three-point shooting ability, could prove instrumental to the team’s success. Watanabe’s potential to earn a starting spot cannot be overlooked, and he may even secure a role in closing lineups. These traits make him a valuable asset in the modern NBA, where talented role-playing wings are highly sought after.


The Phoenix Suns’ front office has built a strong roster around their star trio of Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and Bradley Beal. Adding JaMychal Green and Yuta Watanabe to the mix provides the Suns with even more depth and versatility. Green’s three-point shooting ability and Green’s floor-spacing skills make them valuable assets off the bench. As the Suns gear up for the upcoming season, their front office’s offseason moves position them as top contenders for the NBA championship.


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