Google promises a fix for the significant Android issue that has persisted for MONTHS.


Google has promised Pixel owners a fix for an Android bug that has been upsetting users for several months.

A mysterious jittering issue when scrolling through their phone has been reported by owners of the most recent Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones.


Although hundreds of complaints have been made on Google’s website, it doesn’t seem like the problem is widespread.

And Pixel fans are not impressed with the wait.

One disgruntled owner said, “If it isn’t fixed or at least acknowledged in the next week, phone will be going back to provider.”

Another complained, “My first Pixel phone and it’s going to be the last one if the issue is not resolved soon.

“Scrolling problems ruin the entire phone experience,”

This is unacceptable, how can this still not have been fixed, I still notice jitters and stutters when scrolling through pages, a third person commented.

Instead of a serious hardware flaw, it seems to be a software bug.

If that’s the case, once developers figure out what’s going on, an update should fix it.

Concerns about the page have finally received a response from Google, who has promised a fix.

However, not everyone is happy; many people want to know when it will land.

Google typically releases patches once a month, so it might appear in March.

A company rеprеsеntativе answеrеd, “Wе arе awarе of this issuе and working on improvеmеnts for an upcoming softwarе updatе.

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