Gorgeous Hallmark Star Unveils Shocking Hair Loss Revelation Linked to Glamorous Beauty Treatment


Tricia Helfer, known for her roles in popular TV shows like “Lucifer” and Hallmark movies, has had a diverse range of hairstyles throughout her acting career. To achieve these different looks, she has used various types of hair extensions, including glued-in, taped-in, and sewn-in extensions. However, in late 2018, she decided to try something new – metal clip-in extensions.

Little did she know that this decision would have significant consequences for her health. In an exclusive interview with People magazine on September 15, 2023, Helfer revealed that she developed a mystery illness after using the metal clip-in extensions. Not only did she lose her real hair, but she also experienced other strange symptoms.

Helfer initially tried the metal clip extensions for a potential indie film that ultimately didn’t happen. She decided to keep them in for a couple of months, as she was accustomed to wearing other types of extensions. However, after two months, she noticed that her scalp felt tender and sore, and she began experiencing other unusual symptoms.

“I would lay in bed and just press on my head because my scalp was hurting,” Helfer shared with People. “I couldn’t really floss my teeth because my gums were hurting. I would wake up and feel like my skin under my eyes looked a little sunburnt. Just everything was kind of irritated.”

After another month, Helfer was filming for the TV show “SWAT” when the hairstylist on set noticed bald spots on the crown of her head and suspected alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss. Concerned, Helfer had the metal clips removed the next day.

To her surprise, when Helfer removed the metal clips in early 2019, she discovered that they had turned green. She kept them to show her doctor, who promptly referred her to a dermatologist. Despite undergoing tests with an allergist, no metal allergies were detected.

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the lack of answers, Helfer’s only solace was that her scalp started feeling better without the clips. However, she still experienced a general sense of malaise, brain fog, exhaustion, and difficulty remembering lines while filming.

It wasn’t until an acquaintance at a friend’s birthday party suggested that Helfer get tested for heavy metal poisoning that she finally began to find some answers. After seeking the recommended doctor’s help, the test results revealed that she indeed had heavy metal poisoning, with levels of lead off the charts.

Heavy metal poisoning occurs when toxic metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic accumulate in the body and interfere with the normal functioning of organs and cells. Symptoms can be life-threatening and cause irreversible damage, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Relieved to have a diagnosis, Helfer started treatment for heavy metal poisoning, which included cortisone shots on her bald spots and chelation therapy, a process that removes metals from the body using IV treatment. Over the course of about a year, Helfer received around 15 chelation treatments, gradually improving her symptoms.

After a few months of treatment, Helfer began feeling more like herself. It took a couple of years for her hair to fully grow back. Now, she hopes that by sharing her story, she can prevent others from making the same mistake.

Helfer emphasized the importance of being aware of the potential risks associated with using metal clip-in extensions for extended periods. These types of extensions are designed to stay in for three to four months, and leaving them in for longer can lead to damage and, in rare cases like Helfer’s, heavy metal poisoning.

In conclusion, Tricia Helfer’s experience with metal clip-in extensions serves as a cautionary tale for anyone considering using hair extensions. While they can be a great way to achieve different looks, it’s crucial to prioritize your health and be aware of the potential risks involved. Consulting with professionals and following their recommendations can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with hair extensions.


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