Greg Gutfeld brilliantly exposes the Democratic ladies’ stunning appearance in hilarious segment on the Lauren Boebert theater scandal!


Greg Gutfeld Mocks Democrat Women’s Appearances in Controversial Late-Night Segment

New York City, New York – Greg Gutfeld, notorious for his insensitive and vulgar jokes on Fox News, recently sparked controversy by mocking the appearances of Democrat women during a segment on his late-night show, ‘Gutfeld!’. This segment targeted two Republican women who have become the center of media attention, Lauren Boebert and Kristi Noem. Gutfeld aimed to balance criticism of his own party by comparing the physical appearances of women from both political parties.

The segment, titled ‘Hunting Season’, suggested that non-liberals are being targeted by the media. Gutfeld referred to Boebert and Noem as “GILFs” (Grannies I’d Love to Friend), a derogatory term objectifying older women. He then proceeded to compare the attractive and lively personalities of these Republican women to those of Democrat women.

Rachel Levine was attacked by Greg Gutfeld for her appearance (@SecretaryLevine/X)
Rachel Levine was attacked by Greg Gutfeld for her appearance

In an attempt to highlight the perceived differences between the two parties, Gutfeld displayed a picture of Democrat Rachel Levine, an openly transgender government official. Gutfeld’s comments and use of Levine’s image were widely criticized as transphobic and disrespectful.

Furthermore, Gutfeld took aim at South Dakota Governor Noem’s private life becoming publicized. He made derogatory comments about her romantic relationships, insinuating that her partner may resemble a cat with a crew cut. Although Gutfeld attempted to divert attention by mentioning former President Barack Obama’s alleged letters expressing attraction to men, this comparison only added to the controversy.

Greg Gutfeld Faces Backlash for Insensitive Remarks

Gutfeld’s segment on ‘Gutfeld!’ drew strong criticism from viewers and the public alike. Many expressed outrage at his objectification and demeaning comments towards women, with accusations of sexism and transphobia.

It is important to hold media figures accountable for their words, as their influence can shape public opinion and perpetuate harmful stereotypes. While Gutfeld may have intended to balance the portrayal of Republican women in the media, his attempts only served to perpetuate negative and disrespectful portrayals of women based on their appearances.


Greg Gutfeld’s late-night segment targeting Democrat women’s appearances has ignited a storm of controversy. His comments and choice of images were widely criticized as derogatory, sexist, and transphobic. This incident highlights the need for media figures to exercise responsibility and refrain from perpetuating harmful stereotypes. As public discourse continues to evolve, it is essential that individuals in positions of influence promote respectful and inclusive discussions.


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