Grocery Store’s Innovative Solution to Preserve Freshness Sparks Controversy on TikTok


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Grocery Store Seals Grape Bags to Prevent Customers From Trying Them Before Paying, and TikTok is Not Thrilled

By Kelly Corbett

Dec. 11 2023, Updated 2:25 p.m. ET

Prices are rising, and it’s not surprising that some folks have been using the five-finger discount whenever they see fit. As a result, retailers are upping their security protocols in order to try and stop shoplifters in their tracks. Per a survey from the National Retail Federation, U.S. retailers lost a record 112 billion dollars in stolen merchandise in 2022.

These enhanced security measures could mean anything from Target limiting their self-checkout to 10 items or less per guest or stores hiring security guards.

Grocery stores appear to be tightening up as well by packaging their food differently.

One guy on TikTok was less than enthused to find out how his grocery store tried to hinder shoplifting or rather excess sampling, particularly in the grape department.

Man frustrated after his grocery store starts sealing grapes bags.

An Australian TikToker by the name of @breakfastshirts took to the platform to give users an update on the new grape security protocol being enforced at the grocery store near him.

“The grapes have been sealed for my convenience, ‘not to be opened in store,’” he says, hovering his phone over the sealed bags and reading the newly added labels.

“Sealed for my convenience?” he says sarcastically. “It would be convenient for me to try the f—–g grapes before I buy them. How about that?” he adds as he ends the video.

Responses from other users

In the comments section, it became clear that @breakfastshirts wasn’t the only shopper who seemingly tried their grapes before adding them to their cart.

“Nah, for the cost they are, you need to try to see if they are decent, not just a $10 mystery,” wrote one user.

Another user commented: “It’s an Australian cultural standard to be able to try the grapes.”

A third chimed in: “Lol, so now you can’t check if they are nice grapes, and they can hide the rotten ones in the center like they do with apples and tomatoes that come in bags.”

But apparently, the new sealed bag policy irked some users for different reasons other than being barred from doing a taste test.

Approval for the new practice

“I wish my grocery store did this! The amount of times I’ve seen people just eat out of the bags and walk off or decide they don’t want that one,” said one person.

In fact, some seemed completely baffled by the number of people who sampled food at the store: “Do you try apples before you buy them? Do you open bananas before you buy them?” questioned one user.

Unanswered questions

Strangely enough, loose, unpackaged cherries could be seen for sale next to the grapes @breakfastshirts, showing that the store specifically decided to police the grapes, but not all of the fruits. Perhaps grapes are particularly in demand at this store. The reason isn’t inherently clear.

While there definitely seems to be a divide among people who eat grapes in store, no matter what side you’re on, there is one key takeaway from this video.

As someone who works in a grocery store… don’t eat them until you wash them. I’ve seen some things.


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