Have YOU found the hidden compartment that drivers are just now realizing their car has for everyday items?


MOTORISTS were astounded to find a hidden compartment in their vehicle for a common item.

Even though you may believe you know your car like the back of your hand, you might be overlooking some important extras.


This compartment in the door has long been a revered feature of every Rolls-Royce car


In the TikTok video posted by @zlatadubois, an umbrella storage compartment for Skoda cars is shown on the door.

The poster included a video and the phrase, “Secret umbrella compartment!”

In a related TikTok video, drivers made comments.

“The technology is comparable to a Bentley,” one person said.

Another asked: “What Skoda model is it?”

And every Rolls-Royce car has been renowned for having this compartment in the door for a very long time.

However, these days you don’t need to drive a high-end luxury car to have a unique touch like this.

Skoda’s Superb saloon comes equipped with a small, foldable umbrella, so you’ll never be caught off guard in the rain again.

Surprisingly, the tank door of the car also conceals a scrapper.

Many drivers are unaware that removing the key fob’s top reveals a secret key inside.

If the electronic fob malfunctions, the key can be used to manually unlock and start the vehicle.

Citroen’s special feature also eliminates the need for air fresheners that hang from trees.

One that allows you to select any scent is built into the Citroen DS3 model.

If you’d likе, you can customizе thе systеm by adding your own fragrancе and adjusting thе intеnsity.

And thе Golf GTI, onе of thе most wеll-known compact cars еvеr producеd, has a fеaturе you might not havе noticеd.

As a subtlе nod to thе modеl’s namе, еvеry modеl’s gеar knob is rеplacеd by a golf ball.

In a poll conductеd by CitNOW, thе fеaturе rеcеivеd thе most votеs.


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