HelloFresh is criticized by TikToker for its spoiled, delayed food

Someone’s hungry, but it makes sense! One user of the video-sharing app TikTok shared his accident-filled account of receiving his first delivery from the meal prep company HelloFresh, and it’s safe to say he has some issues with them.

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He describes his interactions with the company he’s probably now calling GoodbyeFresh, from delivery delays to spoiled food.

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In a two-part TikTok video, Seth (@lundonbridgeisfalling) claims, “Because of HelloFresh, I’m going hungry for the next five days.”

Seth explains that after ordering his first box of HelloFresh at a discounted price, he decided against going grocery shopping for the week. On a Monday, his food was supposed to show up, but it never did.


Because of Hello Fresh, I haven’t eaten for five days. #hellofresh #hungry #angry #rant #fyp #HausLabsFoundation #trending #funny

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He claims that after looking up the package’s tracking number, he learned that a closed road prevented the delivery of his box. But after calling customer service, he received a conflicting response and was informed that his box had been delayed due to the weather (Seth points out that it’s a sunny day).

He claims that after a while, customer service acknowledged the error and made an effort to make things right by promising him that his box would arrive the following day and that he would receive a full refund.

But Tuesday goes by, and he still has no food.

Seth explains that he noticed his order appeared to have been divided in two when he checked his tracking number once more. When he immediately contacted customer service once more, he was informed that his box had to be repackaged because there had been a mistake with it.

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Thank you HelloFresh for the opportunity, I really appreciate it. #fyp #part2 #hellofresh #hungry #funny #angry

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Additionally, he was informed that the delivery of his food, which was initially scheduled for Monday, would not take place until Friday.

He says in the video that the delay will cause him to go without food for five days because he has already used up all of his money for the week and it takes five to ten days for the refund to be processed.

Although HelloFresh apparently wasn’t very helpful, not all TikTok users seemed to be buying his sob story.

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One user commented, “You know ramen noodles cost like 80 cents.”

“Groceries are too expensive,” another person said, “so I proceed to purchase an even more expensive luxury meal prep service.”

Others noted that the background of the scene he was filming appeared to contain food.

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Seth made another video to respond to user comments because of the backlash he’s received. He explains why he chose HelloFresh in it, citing the first box’s steep discount (he received eight meals for $27).


Answering some of the comments I received in response to @lizzlore_88: “#hellofresh #fyp #part3 #hungry #trending #funny”

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In addition, he acknowledges that he exaggerated the extent of his hunger since he had food at home. He points out, however, that the food is not nutritious or filling enough for him and his wife to use for meals, such as meats and vegetables. He gives visitors a tour of his pantry to show them his collection of tortilla chips, Jell-O, various condiments, oatmeal packets, and other goodies.

On Wednesday, his order finally shows up. There wasn’t much to be excited about, even though it technically arrived before Friday, which was the most recent estimated arrival date customer service gave him.

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In a later unboxing video, he demonstrates how his food has spoiled because the ice packs have melted.

“Never consume that chicken. In response to his video, one user commented, “If the shrimp is rotten, all the meat is.

Another person added: “This isn’t right. They need to publicly apologize or explain themselves.”


Replying to “#greenscreen State of the art cooling tech… yeah right” with “#hellofresh #trending #getittogether #raiseawareness #neveragain”

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In his final video, Seth uses TikTok to draw attention to HelloFresh’s FAQ page, which assures customers that their boxes are made to withstand shipping delays for up to 48 hours. That wasn’t the case for Seth, though. He notes that although his food was supposed to arrive on Monday at 6 p.m., it actually did so on Wednesday at 2 p.m.


Replying to “#greenscreen State of the art cooling tech… yeah right” with “#hellofresh #trending #getittogether #raiseawareness #neveragain”

♬ original sound – Seth

Seth continued: “That isn’t state of the art, that’s just ice packs, my dude.” HelloFresh claimed that it employed “state of the art technology,” but as he claims, “those ice packs were melted.”

You may not agree with me, but I’m on Seth’s side. HelloFresh, kindly correct this.

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