‘Help!’ Is a Reality Show? ‘I’m in a Secret Relationship!’ Is it true or made up? (ONLY EXCLUSIVELY ON EXCLUSIVELY ON EXCLUS


Is MTV’s hit docuseries Help! still on the air? I’m involved in a covert affair! Is it authentic or staged?

The show’s premise is that the hosts, Travis Mills and Rahne Jones, are on a mission to find out why their significant other is keeping their romantic relationship a secret.

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Unfortunately, many people find themselves in this situation when dating. Nobody should ever feel unworthy or embarrassed by their partner. What’s the point of having a relationship if you’re only going to keep it a secret?

Travis and Rahne spoke with Distractify exclusively to find out if the series’ complex emotions are real, scripted, or a little bit of both (as is the case with many reality shows).

Is ‘Help!’ a good movie? Source: MTVContinue reading below advertisementIs ‘Help!’ a good movie? I’m in a Secret Relationship!’ Is that really true?

It’s natural to have some reservations about the show. Why would anyone want to appear on a show where they appear to be the bad guy for concealing their partner?

“We are not responsible for what show their partner tells them they’re doing,” Travis told Distractify in an exclusive interview. the So it’s not like we just show up and say, ‘Hey, we’re doing a show about long-distance relationships.'”

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“OK, well, obviously cameras are here,” he explained, they’ll ask the secret partner in question. What kind of show do you think your partner is doing? And how do you think they’ll react if the truth is revealed?”

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Another important indication that Help! is on the way. I’m involved in a covert affair! Is this the truth? “There were therapists on set for every confrontation,” Rahne told Distractify, despite the fact that neither she nor Travis are psychologists or relationship experts. “There have been people who have stormed out and refused to participate,” she added.

Sounds like real reactions to us!

Rahne and Travis told Distractify that they wanted to make sure that no one on the show felt like they were being portrayed as the bad guy. “Travis will go off with someone, and I’ll go off with another person prior to the conflict,” she explained when tensions between couples rose to an all-time high. We separate the two and explain why we’re here, noting that it’s been a long time coming. the It is necessary to respond to questions.”

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Rahne || RAH-KNEE || (@rahne_jones) shared this on her Instagram.

Rahne nailed it when it came to the main reason why people keep their partners hidden. “A lot of times, you know, the reasons why these people are hiding their partners is because they are afraid,” she told Distractify. the We simply try to maintain a level of objectivity throughout and avoid approaching it with a level of judgment that causes someone to shut down.”

When new episodes of Help! air, keep an eye on the very real secret relationships. I’m involved in a covert affair! Tuesdays at 9 p.m. is when the show will air. MTV airs the show at 8:00 p.m. EST.


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