Here are seven ways you can reduce your annual car expenses by over $1,600.


Specialists in the field of motoring have divulged seven secrets that could save car owners as much as $1,400 per year.

With energy billsas gas prices continue to rise and the cost of living crisis drags on, drivers are trying to cut costs wherever they can.


Fuel duty will not increase in line with inflation, as announced by the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt in his Budget earlier this month, but maintaining a road-worthy vehicle still comes at a hefty price.

Peter Vardy, a car dealership, has compiled a list of cost-cutting measures that can save drivers up to £1,500 per year.

Add another driver to your insurance policy

A parent’s name on a new driver’s insurance policy can save hundreds of pounds, so it’s a good idea to take the advice of insurance experts.

Uswitch found that first-time car buyers can save an average of £426 by making these changes.

Avoid buying premium fuels for standard vehicles

Experts disagree with retailers’ claims that using premium fuel will improve performance, fuel economy, and engine protection.

Premium fuel may not be worth the extra cost unless you’re driving a high-end vehicle, according to experts.

In comparison to regular gas, which costs an average of 10 pence per liter more, premium fuel can save drivers up to £138.32 annually.

Haggle over car insurance

Drivers can save up to £100 annually by haggling over their insurance coverage.

According to data compiled by Martin Lewis’s Money Saving Expert website, this strategy was successful in 80% of cases.

Fill up at supermarket garages

By switching from branded gas stations to supermarket ones, drivers can save an average of £74 per year.

Perform you own car maintenance checks

Drivers can save themselves the average annual repair cost of £574 by performing routine maintenance checks on their vehicles, such as identifying wear and fixing it before it becomes a problem.

Use cashback credit cards for fuel

If you use a credit card that offers cash back rewards, you can earn three percent cash back every time you fill up with gas or diesel.

After a year of biweekly fill-ups, you’ll have £52.68 in your possession.

Pay your road tax annually

You will spend more on your road tax overall if you choose to pay it over a longer period of time.

The annual savings amounts to about £29 if you pay the full amount at once.

One of the ways was for drivers of standard vehicles not to use premium fuels when filling up their tank



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