Here is my professional opinion on the butterfly lips seen on celebrities like Katie Price and Lauren Goodger.


WHEN it comes to tweakments, trends come and go.

It seems like every few months there’s a new “must have look,” whether it’s Turkey teeth or celebrity fillers being dissolved.


Lauren Goodger also went for the look and updated her followers on Instagram


Butterfly lips are all the rage right now, and famous people like Katie Price and Lauren Goodger are following suit.

Now, an authority on the trend has spoken out about how they feel about opening up the lips so that they resemble butterfly wings.

Aesthetic physician Dr. Deepa Panch told Sun Health that she will not be recommending the procedure to her patients.

“The butterfly lips trend is a dangerous trend.

Surgical tape is applied while the lips are dissolved and refilled on the same day. She argued that, “from a scientific standpoint,” this was a bad idea.

Because the enzyme used to dissolve the filler also causes inflammation and tissue swelling.

The expert cautioned that the current conditions are not optimal for injecting filler because they distort the natural anatomy of the lip compartment.

There is no way to know how far-reaching the effects of the dissolving enzyme will be, and they persist for at least 72 hours after injection (and possibly longer).

To put it plainly, surgical tape won’t prevent this. The final appearance of these lips in a few weeks cannot be predicted,” Dr. Panch continued.

The treatments have become so popular that several videos of them being administered have gone viral on social media sites like TikTok.

Dr. Panch has suggested that the results shared online by celebrities who have undergone these treatments may sway others to consider getting them for themselves.

If you’re thinking about getting this procedure, Dr. Panch says you should know about the potential side effects.

As hyaluronic acid is an essential molecule in maintaining the skin’s moisture balance, having it broken down by the dissolving enzyme is obviously a bad thing.

Using tape to keep the filler in place after you’ve overfilled the compartment is ineffective and unsanitary, greatly increasing the likelihood that you’ll get an infection.

She explained that this is because large amounts of filler are injected at once, which damages the lip’s delicate architecture and causes the filler to migrate and give the lips a “duck like” appearance.

She went on to say that she would not be performing this procedure on her patients under any circumstances.

“I am certain no reputable medical practitioner will be offering this treatment,” the expert said.


Since 2020, activists behind the Sun’s Had Our Fill campaign have been pushing for stricter oversight of the $2.75 billion fillers industry.

To prevent minors from obtaining Botox and lip fillers without a doctor’s note, these procedures are no longer offered in clinics and beauty salons.

Dr. Panch, however, claims that filler products have not been adequately regulated.

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In comparison to the premium regulated products used in reputable medical clinics, “the market is flooded with unsafe, cheap, and ineffective products that are sold to the consumer at a considerably cheaper price point.”

She stressed the importance of only having qualified medical professionals perform lip procedures because of the complexity of the area and the need for an in-depth knowledge of anatomy.


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