Here is my weekly grocery haul for my family of two from Aldi, which cost me $47.56 and included 21 items.


Those on a tight budget will appreciate ALDI because of the abundance of bargains available there.

A week’s worth of groceries at the discount supermarket can be purchased for less than $50.


Emmy, whose Tiktok handle is @ohemmygeee, showed off a $47.56 haul from Aldi.

A week’s worth of food for my husband and I is right here.

We try to save money wherever we can because my husband is a full-time medical student and I work full-time,” Emmy explained.

With the words “Aldi haul!” Emmy titled her video. Here’s what we stocked up on to get us through the hectic week ahead.

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Here’s everything that Emmy bought for only $47.56:

Emmy and her husband bring their lunches to work every day to cut costs.


Consumers are psyched that a cookie that tastes a lot like Oreos will be back on store shelves next month.

Benton’s Lemon Créme Filled Cookies are the item in question, and they will be available for a short time beginning in 2021.

Each package of cookies cost $1.99 (prices may vary depending on where you buy them).

Many people saw in them an imitation of the popular Oreo lemon créme cookie.

When compared to the typical grocery store price of $5 for a package of Oreos, the Aldi option clearly wins.


Consumers can save even more money at Aldi than the already low prices would suggest.

On Wednesdays, you can take advantage of Aldi’s weekly deals by taking advantage of their new Aldi Finds section.

Food, home goods, and garden supplies are all included in the Aldi Finds seasonal selection.

There are many items in the Aldi Finds section that are only available for purchase on the day they go on sale.

Planning ahead, with a list of items to buy, can help you stick to your budget and save the most money possible.

Find the best local deals with the help of coupon apps like Coupons.com, Ibotta, and Lozo.

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Discounted, store-brand cosmetics at Aldi are just as good as the name brands, and they’re much cheaper.

Learn more about Aldi’s new automated checkout system here.


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