Here’s your Aquarius weekly horoscope for March 19-25, detailing what the stars have in store for you.


THIS MONTH, AFTER A SHORT Illness, OUR Fantastic Astrologer Passed Away.

She is always so reliable, so we’ll keep publishing her horoscopes even though we’ve already used several of them.


JAN 21 – FEB 18

The most up-to-date astrological forecasts can be found in our live blog format.


Pluto has a huge reputation, so having it enter your sign can be intimidating.

But now is the time to reconnect with your authentic self and the plans and ambitions you’ve had to put on hold.

Perhaps adapting to new circumstances will not always be simple. It’s the right thing to do, and you know you’re capable of doing it.

If a romantic discussion has stalled, try starting it up again.

An Aquarius mother is one who encourages her children to be themselves and who fosters an environment that is welcoming and intellectually stimulating.

She is not afraid to ponder profound issues, and her imagination and ability to find workable answers to problems come easily to her.

She is a strong supporter of the common good and doing one’s part to aid others, but can

be a little distant at times because she gets lost in her thoughts.

Children born under the sign of Aquarius require structure and discipline even though it goes against their nature. He or she is a sensitive, idealistic, and good-natured kid who feels strongly about social justice issues.

Can be argumentative and intransigent, always saying what they’re thinking and not backing down.

Curious about everything, but may struggle with emotional attachments.

harder to understand and express.

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