HGTV’s “Good Bones” project manager Cory Miller introduces himself.


Although every program on the HGTV network is pretty much perfect, Good Bones is hard to beat for the ideal balance of talent, work ethic, and humor. The Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen Laine’s home renovations in their Indianapolis neighborhood are followed on the renovation show. Even though Mina is constantly in the spotlight, she has a whole team of employees supporting her.

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The company is referred to as Two Chicks and a Hammer. Although Mina is the owner and co-founder (along with her mother), she is supported by a large team when working on renovation projects. Cory Miller, the project manager for Two Chicks and a Hammer, is one employee who consistently stands out on screen. Cory from Good Bones: who is he? Continue reading to learn more about him.

Source: InstagramContinue reading below to see who Cory from “Good Bones” is. Is he Mina’s relative?

Although you might be familiar with him as “Cory from Good Bones,” his real name is Cory Miller. On the program, he serves as the project manager. He collaborates most frequently with Tad Starsiak, a property expert. To ensure that Mina’s ideas for the Indianapolis properties come to life, the two of them frequently collaborate.

You might be curious as to Cory’s relationship to Mina. After all, it appears that a significant portion of the Good Bones cast is connected in some way. To try to explain how everyone is connected, Mina and Karen even produced a very muddled video explaining their incredibly complex family tree. Just a heads up, that video only serves to further confuse the situation. However, after seeing it, it doesn’t seem like Cory is related to the Starsiak family. He works for the company merely as an employee.

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Fans of Good Bones may have noticed that Cory occasionally received the nickname “Toey” from the cast. You are not deceived by your ears! The Good Bones cast does occasionally refer to Cory as “Toey,” as he clarified in the comments section of an Instagram post. “[T]hey call me Toey because Mina’s niece Julie couldn’t pronounce my name,” he said. Pretty adorable, don’t you think? “We just rolled with it.”

Is Cory from ‘Good Bones’ married?

It’s difficult to tell whether Cory is presently romantically involved with anyone because he maintains a fairly low profile online. However, based on what we can see from his Instagram grid, he doesn’t appear to be married. Speaking of his Instagram, it’s a great account to follow if you want to get the inside scoop on how some of the houses featured on the show appear while being renovated!

Even though Cory isn’t a recognized member of the Starsiak family, it is obvious that he is an integral member of the Good Bones/Two Chicks and a Hammer family. Without him, Good Bones most certainly wouldn’t be the same!


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