Hidden Kinship Unveiled: ‘Parent Trap’ Stars Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix Unearth Surprising Family Tie


Parent Trap Costars Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix Discover Unexpected Ancestry Connection and Dating History From Cody Simpson to Zayn Malik

Since filming The Parent Trap in 1998, Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix have always been close – and now they’ve discovered that their bond runs even deeper.

A Surprising Ancestry Connection

Taking a page from The Parent Trap plot of unexpected familial revelations, Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix uncovered that their great-grandparents lived near each other in New York City. This surprising discovery adds another layer to their already close friendship.

During the filming of the new Ancestry YouTube series titled “unFamiliar,” Lisa Ann Walter, accompanied by her sons Jordan, Spencer, and Simon, embarked on a journey to explore their family and ancestral roots. While walking across New York City’s Lower East Side, they stumbled upon their unexpected ancestral connection.

An Unexpected Reunion

In a truly serendipitous moment, Lisa’s best friend Elaine Hendrix made a surprise visit to the show’s finale. Elaine revealed that Lisa’s great grandparents lived just a block away from her own great-grandfather’s residence.

Excited by this revelation, Lisa and Elaine speculated whether their great-grandparents might have crossed paths in the bustling Manhattan neighborhood where they lived.

Tracing Ancestral Origins

According to the records from the New York City Municipal Archives, Lisa Ann Walter’s maternal great-grandfather, Franceso Mansueto, immigrated to the United States from Italy and resided at 250 Elizabeth Street. Interestingly, Lisa’s maternal great-grandmother, Clotilda Vinetti, lived just down the road at 261 Elizabeth Street, matching Elaine’s great-grandfather’s address at 190 Elizabeth Street.

It’s fascinating to think about the possibility that our ancestors might have interacted with each other in the same neighborhood. The bond between Lisa and Elaine seems to be rooted not only in their on-screen chemistry but also in their shared ancestral ties.

A Friendship Bound by Fate

Reflecting on their friendship, Lisa Ann Walter commented that the unexpected discovery didn’t come as a complete surprise. She mused, “It’s almost not a surprise. Why in the world would we have met and become besties in six hours?”

Elaine Hendrix responded, “It was fate.” Their friendship began during the filming of the iconic Disney movie The Parent Trap, where they played the roles of Chessy and Meredith Blake, respectively.

In the years since, Lisa and Elaine have celebrated each other’s milestones and shared heartfelt messages on social media. Most recently, Elaine posted a birthday tribute to Lisa Ann Walter, expressing their unbreakable bond and growing old together.


From acting in The Parent Trap to discovering an unexpected ancestral connection, Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix’s friendship continues to thrive. Their shared experiences on and off-screen have created a bond that stands the test of time.

This surprising revelation serves as a reminder that life is full of unexpected connections and that fate has a way of bringing people together. And in the case of Lisa and Elaine, their friendship was certainly meant to be.


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