Holly Willoughby reveals heartwarming glimpse into rare family moments, as son Chester overcomes ‘tears’ with inspiring change


Holly Willoughby reveals her son’s homework struggles on This Morning

Holly Willoughby, the beloved co-host of This Morning, shared a heartwarming insight into her home life on Monday’s show. During the episode, Holly revealed that her eight-year-old son, Chester, had been in tears the previous night over his homework. As Chester started Year 3 of primary school this month, his school work has “ramped up,” according to Holly.

Holly’s candid revelation about Chester’s struggles

During Monday’s show, Holly opened up about her son’s homework struggles. Hosting the show alongside Craig Doyle, she discussed the chaos of sending children back to school after the summer holidays. Craig expressed his love for this time of year, mentioning the freedom parents enjoy when their kids are back in school. Holly agreed but also raised the topic of homework and after-school activities.

Holly revealed that Chester, being in Year 3, was finding the increase in homework difficult to handle. She shared the experience of the previous Sunday, when Chester had been playing football in the morning. By evening, he was overwhelmed by his homework and felt it was unfair. Like any supportive mother, Holly empathized with Chester’s frustration, acknowledging that everyone has been there before.

When Craig asked Holly how long their household spends on an hour of homework, Holly mentioned that it had taken an unusually long time due to the tears shed by Chester the previous day.

Holly’s journey as a doting mother

Holly Willoughby has three children – Chester, Harry, and Belle – with her husband Dan Baldwin. While she chooses to keep her children’s faces concealed online, she occasionally shares glimpses of her family life in her Wylde Moon newsletter. In a recent edition, she expressed her nostalgia for special memories and her determination to create new ones.

The newsletter also revealed that her eldest son, Harry, has started Year 10, marking the beginning of his GCSE journey. Holly acknowledged that Harry feels the pressure as school gets more serious. She emphasized the importance of choosing subjects that Harry enjoys, as it makes the learning process more enjoyable and effective.

Holly’s focus on joy and returning to This Morning

In her newsletter, Holly talked about the significance of focusing on joy. She emphasized that it applies even to adults and how life becomes easier when we embrace the things that bring us happiness. Alongside this message, Holly expressed her delight at returning to the This Morning sofa after her summer break.


Holly Willoughby’s candid revelation about her son’s struggles with increased homework has resonated with many parents. By sharing her own experiences, she reminds us that even celebrities face everyday challenges as parents. Holly’s commitment to creating joyful memories and supporting her children’s education is inspiring.

As we navigate the demands of school and family life, we can all take a page from Holly’s book and prioritize joy and happiness. It is through this lens that we can face challenges and create cherished moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.


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