How is Freddie Flintoff doing, and what happened to him?


After hearing that TOP Gear star Freddie Flintoff was in a car accident, fans were understandably concerned for his well-being.

The incident occurred in December of last year during production of the popular BBC One series.


So, what exactly happened to Freddie Flintoff on the set of Top Gear?

After a terrifying car accident on set in Surrey on December 12, 2022, Freddie Flintoff was airlifted to the hospital.

The incident occurred while he was filming an episode of Top Gear at Dunsfold Park Aerodrome.

Even though cameras were rolling, Freddie got hurt while filming a scene for the show.

His co-star, Chris Harris, was present at the test track and witnessed the incident as well.

How is Freddie Flintoff doing?

Right after the incident, the on-call doctors came to Freddie’s aid.

Freddie is in the hospital after a crash on Top Gear, a source told The Sun.

A normal day for him at the track saw him driving normally. It was just a freak accident; he wasn’t even going very fast.

Filming also followed all the standard precautions when it comes to health and safety.

Soon after, an air ambulance rushed Freddie to the hospital.

His injuries are not considered life-threatening, and he is currently being treated.

We have to put filming on hold for the time being because everyone is concerned about Freddie’s health.

The BBC has confirmed to The Sun that the show’s host was hurt in the accident and hospitalized for treatment.

They reported, “Freddie was injured in an accident at the Top Gear test track this morning, and crew medics responded immediately.

He’s been admitted to the hospital, and we’ll provide updates as they become available.

The Sun reported in March 2023 that Freddie’s open-topped Morgan Super 3 sports car lacked airbags.

BBC executives are nervously preparing for potential legal action from those involved in the smash as a result of an ongoing internal health and safety investigation.

Our hero from Ashes was severely injured, with broken ribs and a bloodied face.

Despite Morgan’s website stating otherwise, the hand-built British roadster is safe according to UK standards and costs $43,000.

It is registered as a “motorised tricycle”.

“Very little has been revealed about the accident, and bosses are keen to keep a lid on details,” the source said.

Fans will likely have a lot of questions after learning there is no air bag.

Freddie has suspended all work as he recovers.

When did Freddie join Top Gear?

After an incredible career playing cricket for England, Freddie (real name Andrew) decided to pursue a career in television.

He joined Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris as co-hosts of Top Gear in 2018.

After 18 years on BBC Two, in 2020 the show was finally promoted to BBC One’s primetime lineup thanks to the popularity of the trio.

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In the meantime, Freddie’s crash is the latest misfortune for the “cursed” show after his miraculous 2019 escape from a horror 124mph crash.

The “near-death” crash miraculously did not harm him, and he insisted he was “absolutely fine.”


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