How to clean streaky cabinets with my “two-towel” method as a professional cleaner

Nothing is more frustrating than completing a thorough cleaning of your kitchen only to discover streaky cabinets.

Vanesa Amaro, a professional cleaner, has posted a video showing how she cleans her cabinets quickly and easily.


You will need two rags and a cleaning product of your choice


Cabinets become streaky, according to Amaro, if they’re greasy or if they’ve been cleaned with a very wet rag.

Kitchen cabinets, unfortunately, are prone to grease build-up due to their close proximity to the stove.

Amaro recommended using her “two-towel” method to make them look brand new.

Two towels and a spray cleaner of your choice are all you’ll need for her quick cleaning process.

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“One towel will be completely dry, while the other will be damp,” she explained.

She began by spraying her cabinets with the cleaning product of her choice.

She wiped down all of her streaky cabinets with a damp towel first.

After that, she switched and used the dry towel to wipe down the cabinets.

Her method tаkes only seconds to complete, аnd her cаbinets were streаk-free аfter wiping them cleаn with а dry towel.

She recommended using а degreаser like Dаwn Heаvy Duty Degreаser for pаrticulаrly greаsy cаbinets.

“Thаnks for this!!” аnd “Perfection,” sаid mаny viewers of her cleаning method.

“Amаzing work.”

Wipe cabinets with the damp towel then follow up with the dry one


Cabinets will be streak-free after using the 'two-towel' method


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