How you respond to an optical illusion reveals your level of imagination and ability to think laterally.


Maybe NOT everything in THIS picture is as it seems. The Earth we see in space photographs may not actually be Earth at all.

This mind-boggling optical illusion reveals your preferred mode of thought based on your initial visual impression.


The photograph of Earth from space looks so alien that it requires serious examination. Do you think it’s real? Can you explain it to me?

Many people can’t make heads or tails of this bizarre photo, but the answer is staring you in the face.

But your initial impressions may indicate your underlying mode of thought.

Viewing Earth from space tends to make people more idealistic.

But if you recognize it for what it is—an icy car bonnet—you have a more lateral way of thinking.

Those who were able to decipher the meaning of the baffling picture may be more open-minded and resourceful problem-solvers.

If you’re up for another visual challenge, see if you can find the cat hiding out in the stack of logs.

In keeping with the animal theme, how quickly can you spot the three discrepancies between these images of bumblebees?

Or, if you’d rather solve a wordier puzzle, see if you can pick out the one CRISP among the many CIRSPs.

The image from a slightly different angle reveals more of its true nature



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