Hundreds of millions of people will use Google to search for the “blue button” today; click it just once to save themselves from a lifetime of regret.


Anyone with a Google account today should go through and double-check their preferences.

An improved level of privacy can be activated by clicking the blue button.


Google offers suggestions to improve your privacy


It’s buried in your Google account’s preferences.

The Privacy Suggestions badge will help you immediately strengthen your account security.

If there are significant edits that can be made to your account, you will see a notification.

To access your Google Profile, open the search engine in your browser and click on your photo.

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Then choose Manage Your Google Account.

If you click this, you’ll be brought to your Google Account page, where you can access your personal data and adjust your privacy and security settings.

There will be a G in blue on your badge, and you can click it to access your privacy controls.

If you click that, you can go back and check some of your most important preferences.

Google is too risky to ignore because of the amount of vital information that passes through it.

Google has the ability to track your every move on the web and pinpoint your exact location.

This means that if someone were to hack into your account, they would have access to a trove of highly confidential data.

The same is true for Google; a leak there could have serious repercussions.

Some criminals, like stalkers or identity thieves, might find it to be a treasure trove of information.

One of the recommendations could be setting your Web and app history to clear automatically.

This can be set to delete your data after a certain amount of time has passed, preventing an indefinite data glut on Google’s end.

Automatically erasing your YouTube activity could be another choice.

Inactive Account Manager may also be recommended.

By doing so, you can determine what will happen to your information after you cancel your account.

It’s an easy (if gloomy) way to get your Google account ready for the end of your life.

The most frequently used Google services are used to tailor recommendations to your specific needs.

As a result, the advice you offer may vary from that of others.

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Selecting “not now” on any given privacy setting allows you to postpone making that selection for the time being.

If you value your Google account and the data it stores, you should give serious thought to implementing the recommendations as soon as possible.


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