I am 5’6″, 120 pounds, and my waist is a size 23; I bought a bunch of Spring Break Skirts and they are not exaggerating about their micro range.


A FEMALE who is “obsessed” with the micro range has prepared her subscribers for Spring Break by posting a Skims haul video with a value of over $1,000.

Kim Kardashian is the co-founder of the American shapewear brand Skims, which promotes body acceptance and positivity.


The turquoise two-piece was ideal for her and she loved the 'skimpy' bottoms


The company claims that the underwear in its micro range “stretches to twice its size,” so that “everybody” can wear them.

The “brutally honest” review of Skims swimwear that YouTuber Claire Stone (@clairestone) shared with her 84,700 subscribers.

In the video, Claire tries on a wide variety of swimwear and gives advice on “what to AVOID!”

At first, the influencer, who is only 5 feet 6 inches tall, sported a turquoise micro swim two-piece.

Claire praised the “fantastic” thong-style bottoms, noting that they are “super teeny tiny skimpy in the back” and “great for tanning” in the micro style, which has a “minimal” fit.

She had a 28/31-inch bust and bought an extra small bra, which provided adequate support.

For a test drive, Claire went surfing in the Dominican Republic with the turquoise set and declared herself “obsessed” with it.

She then tried on a black micro range two-piece, praising the “dip-tie” bottoms’ adjustable sides and “true-to-size” sizing.

Claire matched her all-black bikini with a black “micro mini skirt” cover-up.

“They were not kidding with the micro description, this is a teeny tiny piece of fabric,” she remarked.

On the other hand, as Claire pointed out, this outfit is perfect for a beach club or a party on the sand.

“It could be a tube top or something,” she said of the item. “It’s not something that will be that versatile.”

The cocoa strapless monokini with the silicon bust band that she deemed “unique” was her all-time favorite swimwear item.

As a matter of fact, she recommended that specific item from the swim collection to her subscribers.

When she tried on a different monokini, however, she cautioned viewers to stay away from it.

She tried on a size XXS black “swim lace-up monokini” and declared, “I do not like this at all and I do not recommend it at all.

I would tell anyone looking through the Skims swim drop, “Definitely do not buy this because it does not fit me at all.”

In addition, Claire “obsessed” over the skims cover-up cargo pant in black.

She wore them with a high waist and the top of her thong bikini showing.

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She went on to say that they can be found on the Skims website for $78 and are the ideal non-sheer travel pants. She praised their “beachy, lightweight, and comfy” nature.

One of her followers said the video was “a stunningly flawless try-on,” and another said, “I’ve never been as interested in bikinis as I am now.”

Claire advised followers that if they bought anything it should be the strapless monokini


She told people to '100 percent skip' the black tie-up monokini



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