I bought out the store after seeing cheap laundry pods; cruel trolls accuse me of being selfish, but they’re really just envious.


WE’RE ALL FOR SAVING MONEY, but this shopper may have gone too far when she bought out an entire store’s supply of a single item.

The woman went to Asda in hopes of scoring some cheap laundry pods after hearing rumors of a huge sale.


Although she had no luck finding discounted detergent or pods at her regular supermarket, she did better at the discount store she had tried.

She posted her loot on Facebook and explained that she had asked a staff member to double-check whether or not the laundry pods were on sale at the smaller store.

Laundry pods in boxes were $1.55 each and bottles were $2.

Surprisingly, not only were there substantial markdowns, but she also appeared to be the only one aware of them, so she had her pick of available inventory.

“Yes I cleared the shelves because I thought I can afford them now but won’t be able to when the price changes, so why not,” she wrote.

I have 650 pods and enough liquid for over 200 loads of laundry. That takes care of me for the foreseeable future,” she continued.

Not everyone was impressed by the huge haul, and the woman was criticized for allegedly stealing everything off the shelves.

One person commented, “Quite selfish to take that many. You aren’t the only one who values frugality.

Taking some for financial reasons is not the same as being selfish, another person agreed.

Not sure why you have to bulk buy and not share with the rest,” a third person commented.

Others, meanwhile, praised her stockpile and promised to start their own.

This level of envy is ridiculous! For those who think you should have left some, know that I have absolute certainty that you would have taken them all if you had discovered them.

“So don’t be bitter try your local Asda instead,” commented one Facebook user.

One more commenter added, “Well done you, people love to come across like they wouldn’t clear the shelves, but they would. In other words, this fight is for real.


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