I bought some grout cleaner for $4.50 and it completely changed the look of the kitchen in my public housing complex.


A SMART woman received a deluge of praise after she revealed how she cleaned the filthy grout in the kitchen of her council home for only £4.50.

With the help of a £50 gift card from B&M, TikTok user Natasha Lawson (@natashalawson20) is on a mission to transform her kitchen.


The savvy DIY guru praised the £4.50 product from B&M


The video shows her picking up an ‘anti-mould grout reviver’ and using it on the yellow grout between her kitchen tiles.

I bought a grout pen, which I believe cost around $4.50, she says.

The tiles themselves are in good shape, so I’ve decided to keep them; it was just the grout that needed to be redone.

After only a few moments of using the B&M steal, Natasha claims to have noticed a dramatic improvement.

“I’m completely blown away by the outcome,” she exclaims.

“You can already see the difference!”

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She continues, “The lines going down are bright and white, and the lines going down are yellow and horrible.

“I have no idea why I’ve never seen this before!

You can tell how much better it looks just by looking at the before and after pictures!

In the time since it was posted, the video has gone viral, amassing over 148,000 views and hundreds of comments from suitably impressed social media users.

“I must admit I hated those tiles until you did the pen!!” wrote one.

Wow, those colors go together beautifully. You have a lot to be proud of in your accomplishments.

Me too!” Natasha chimed in. Nonetheless, it looks much better now.

A second person remarked, “That pen is gorgeous; I can’t believe I’ve never seen one before now!”

Natasha responded: “It’s a life saver!”

An additional contributor declared, “I did this with a black pen in my kitchen!” This has been a game-changer.

In the meantime, a fourth person said, “Looks fab!” What a difference that pen makes!”

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Moreover, someone else commented, “Wow, those tiles look brand new now.”

Another added, “I love those tiles; they give off such a sense of country home and sophistication.”


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