I brought home a cute stray ‘puppy’ I rescued while out walking my dog, but it turned out to be something entirely different.


A HIKER was taken aback when he discovered that the puppy he had found wasn’t a stray.

A dog walker in Tierrasanta, California, stumbled upon the furry creature in a nearby canyon.


Shelter workers revealed that the furry creature was a baby coyote


According to KGTV, an ABC affiliate in his area, he saved the puppy because he thought it had been abandoned.

In March of 2019, the walker found the dog, brought it home, and then reported it to the San Diego Humane Society.

The man thought he had saved a puppy, so he was surprised when the shelter staff said he hadn’t. It turned out to be a young coyote.

Shelter experts speculated that mom was shifting her den when her baby was found.

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Mothers frequently alter their den locations.

The population of coyotes in California is at least 250,000, according to wildlife officials.

Humane Society campus director Andy Blue used the word “opportunistic” to describe coyotes.

Humans shouldn’t be feeding them, he said, according to NBC affiliate KNSD in San Diego.

Andy emphasized the significance of avoiding Andy: “Don’t attract them.”

The expert advised that people, should they encounter a coyote, try to appear larger than the animal.

Contrary to popular belief, coyotes are not in danger of extinction in California.

Experts have warned that wild canines frequently attack domestic animals.

“Coyotes may have been here first, but we’re here now,” Aurelio Mattuci, a councilman in Torrance, told the Los Angeles Times in September of last year.

When we say “safe for people and pets,” we mean it.

But, there have been reports of coyote attacks.

Ariya Eliyahuo, age 2, was attacked by a coyote in the Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills in the month of December 2022.

According to CNN, the incident occurred as Ariel was unloading the car and his daughter was hurt.

Ariel stated to the media, “I heard Ariya scream. To be honest, I was worried that she might have actually fallen.

I sprinted over to see what was happening and witnessed the coyote attacking the woman.

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I took her in my arms and waved the coyote away so she wouldn’t be hurt.

Plus, the United States of America. In April of 2022, the Sun reported that a coyote had attacked a young girl in Huntington Beach, California. The girl was estimated to be two or three years old.


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