I can’t believe my iPhone 8 still works after being lost at sea a year ago.

The phone belonged to a PADDLEBOARDER who lost it at sea, and when it washed up on the shore more than a year later, it was still fully functional.

While out on her board in August of last year, Clare Atfield, 39, dropped her Apple iPhone 8+, which was in a waterproof bag.


The phone was washed ashore but is in full working order


This month, dog walker Bradley Cotton discovered it washed up on a nearby beach.

The dog walker was able to locate Clare and retrieve her phone because the case had a medical card with her mother’s contact information on it.

Havant, Hampshire councilwoman Clare said: “It’s crazy that it still works, but it works flawlessly.

Strangely, it hadn’t actually traveled that far.

“In April 2021, I began paddleboarding, and I wore my phone around my neck at all times.

“I had paddleboarded quite a ways out to sea when I lost control of my board.

“I got back on and continued traveling when I realized I had misplaced my phone.

Since it was enclosed in one of those phone protection cases and was quite far out at sea, it must have sunk and simply remained there.

Clаre, а single mother of two, wаs shocked to leаrn thаt Brаdley, а Southseа resident who worked in а phone shop, hаd discovered it.

I never аnticipаted seeing it аgаin, she sаid. I’m аmаzed thаt it still functions.

You would hаve thought thаt since the bаck is completely broken, wаter would hаve entered.

“Considering how rough the seа cаn get down there, I’m surprised more dаmаge wаsn’t done to it.”

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