I enjoy keeping my home spotless, and there is a 50 cent Wilko product that makes your restroom smell and look fantastic.


A CLEAN enthusiast shared her money-saving tip for keeping your restroom spotless, and it only costs 50p.

Influencer Sophie Barr mentioned using Wilko’s 50 toilet gel to keep her restroom in good shape.


The pink gel is great for shifting stubborn marks in your toilet


And people were impressed by the results.

She reportedly stated: “Using Wilko 50p toilet gel” in a brief TikTok video.

She then demonstrated how to line the bowl with the eye-catching cleaning agent in pink.

She circled the rip a few times before adding toilet foam to the water.

Sophie then scrubbed the toilet’s sides and water with a conventional toilet brush.

She finally flushed the item away to reveal a spotless porcelain toilet bowl.

Other TikTok users were impressed with the inexpensive cleaning item.

It’s not the best, but it’s less expensive than Bloo or Duck, said one person. lol Does the job

Another said: “Why is this so satisfying?”

A third said: “I suddenly want to clean a toilet.”

I want it because it’s pink, another person said. That is the only explanation.


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