I go to the store without a bra, and yes, I get dirty looks from middle-aged and elderly women.


The dirty looks she receives in stores haven’t discouraged one woman from continuing to be a member of the so-called no bra club.

More and more women are rejecting social norms in favor of comfort by going braless, regardless of their bust size.


She says that she regularly gets judgment from married women


Several women have spoken out on TikTok about the criticism they’ve received for their decision to not wear the item.

TikTok user Amanda Nixdorf (@mandinixoxo) made a video addressing the issue.

Amanda’s posts are extremely well-liked, with over 110,000 likes and over 30,000 followers.

Amanda’s large bust and nipples are highlighted in the video as she wears a skintight pink tee without a bra.

Her breasts are exposed because her black, fleece-lined jacket is undone and only covers her arms.

She said: “Walking through the store like…”

Amanda makes her way through the store without a bra and doesn’t seem to care.

She continues by saying that “married women” and “older ladies” will snub her.

She squinted her eyes and pretended to give someone a thorough once-over while making a “no” face to mimic the looks.

The caption for this photo read, “Typical outing #women #chesty #busty #freethetatas #nobra.”

With over 7500 likes and 87,000 views, this video has gone viral.

In the words of one viewer, “let ur freedom flag fly sister.”

A counterargument was that she shouldn’t “pay them any mind” because “they love it.”

This follows similar criticism leveled at a self-proclaimed cougar for not wearing a bra.

Karen (@karenleepoter), 64, has posted a series of videos in which she appears without a bra to show her trolls that she doesn’t give a damn what they think of her.

Someone wrote under a video of a woman without a bra that she needed “more sense at [her] age and grow up.”

She declared herself an “over 60 risk taker” in one TikTok, writing to her audience: “big milestone, I went out tonight, and guess what I didn’t wear – a bra!”

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Numerous fans gushed over her, with one writing, “You look amazing, keep it up.”

You must have scared him off, another person said.

Despite the criticism, a number of women are still ditching the bra



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