I have large breasts and discovered a “magic bra” that supports my girls while wearing backless dresses.


Dressing for a bigger chest is difficult, but TikTok reviews help you navigate the confusing market.

A backless design and cunning straps on one “magic” bra that wowed viewers with its apparent defiance of gravity impressed viewers.


She tested the Shapewind Invisible Bodysuit and called the result 'magic'


Influencer Monika Mancini (@monikkamancini) put the miracle bra to the test to show how it works.

The model has a larger cup size, so she frequently tries new lingerie styles.

She made an appearance on the Shapewind Intimates TikTok account to promote the company’s backless bra.

Mancini creased her brow while holding up the Shapewind Invisible Bodysuit, $84.90.

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She looked at the transparent straps, the front hook, and the open back that scooped down to the bodysuit’s seat.

She spoke to herself as a background sound clip played: “I’m very confused,” the voice said.

Mancini clarified her confusion in the caption by substituting the word “breasts” with a cherry emoji.

She questioned, “How does this bra, which has clear straps and is backless, hold up my [breasts]?”

Mancini was modeling the bra bodysuit underneath a sporty, halter-style dress after a quick cut.

Mancini indicated that the back of the bra wasn’t visible by grinning over her shoulder.

Mancini modeled the bra beneath a halter-style dress


In comparison to her skin, the transparent shoulder straps also nearly vanished.

She referred to the bra as “literally magic” and claimed there was only one possible explanation.

Thе lingеriе and how Mancini appеarеd in it also awеd thе commеntеrs.

At lеast onе viеwеr bеcamе a customеr as a rеsult of thе vidеo.

“Will bе buying,” a woman plеdgеd in thе commеnts.

Anothеr admirеr rеmarkеd, “That drеss is thе rеal magic.” “Wow.”


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I earned a bachelor's degree in exercise and sport science from Oregon State University. He is an avid sports lover who enjoys tennis, football, and a variety of other activities. He is from Tucson, Arizona, and is a huge Cardinals supporter.

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